Dead by Daylight: How to Play The Knight

Be inescapable with our Dead by Daylight guide on playing The Knight.

The Knight, aka Tarhos Kovacs, is live on Dead by Daylight today, released as part of Chapter 26: Forged in Fog. He brings a new way to control the map with Guardia Compagnia. This lets him team up against Survivors with his Guards. To play the Knight, players need to use his Power to disrupt Survivors and quickly end chases, but that’s just scratching the surface. We’re here to help other Killer players with our Dead by Daylight guide on how to play The Knight.

Guardia Compagnia 

One of the core concepts of The Knight is Guardia Compagnia. When activated, Knight calls upon his Guards to assist him. They can damage or break objects, Patrol areas, and Chase Survivors. 

Tap the Power button to switch to Guard Summon Mode. Moving the camera will create a path for Guards to Patrol. The Guard will appear once the Power Gauge is spent or by hitting the Power button again. 

Players can mark an object while in this mode; hit the Attack button while aiming at one to order it damaged or destroyed. Once the Guard Summon mode has ended, the Guard will carry out their task. If a Survivor enters a Guard’s Detection radius (shown by the green circle), the Guard will let out a cry and begin to Chase them. 

This is called the Hunt. If the Knight or his Guard hits the Chased Survivor, the Hunt ends.

Survivors can escape by outlasting the Hunt’s timer or grabbing the Standard the Guard places when they begin Chasing. 

The Knight rotates through 3 Guards: The Carnifex, the Assassin, and the Jailer, in that order.

The Carnifex

  • Faster when breaking or damaging objects
  • The Hunt lasts longer

The Assassin

  • Moves faster during the Hunt
  • Causes Deep Wound on hits

The Jailer

  • Moves faster while Patrolling
  • Patrolling lasts longer
  • Bigger Detection Radius

The Knight’s Perks

The Knight comes with 3 Perks that can be passed on to the other Killers by leveling up the Knight to Prestige 1. Read our in-depth guide on The Knight’s perks here

Nowhere to Hide

Performing the Damage Generator Action on a Generator Triggers Nowhere to Hide. The Auras of All Survivors within 24 meters of your position are revealed to you for 3/4/5seconds

Dead by Daylight: How to Play The Knight

Hex: Face the Darkness

Once you injure a Survivor by any means, if there is still a Dull Totem remaining on the Map, Hex: Face the Darkness activates and lights it, cursing that Survivor:

All other Survivors will scream every 35/30/25 seconds if they are outside of the Killer’s Terror Radius, revealing their Auras for 2 seconds each time.

Hex: Face the Darkness deactivates when the Cursed Survivor either enters the Dying State or becomes Healthy, extinguishing its Totem. Hex: Face the Darkness is disabled for the remainder of the Trial if Survivors manage to cleanse its Hex Totem.


Whenever you are stunned by a Survivor, that Survivor suffers from the Exposed Status Effect for 10/12/20 seconds. Hubris has a cool-down of 20 seconds.

General Strategies for The Knight 

The Guards (minus the Assassin) are barely faster than Survivors. They can run through Windows and Downed Pallets, but a Survivor will often outlast them in a Hunt. The Knight needs to work with them to win his Chases.

While the Guards are best when summoned in Chase, they have other uses. A Guard on Patrol serves as area denial. Guards can Patrol near Generators and Downed Survivors to buy time. Hooked Survivors don’t work; Guards on the Hunt will be dispelled if they’re unhooked. 

Dead by Daylight: How to Play The Knight

The strongest use for this Power is also simple. When approaching a Survivor at a Pallet or Window, start Guard Summon mode and end it immediately. The Survivor can’t stay there; the Guard will box them in if they keep Looping. They must run for another Tile.

Survivors know when you are using your Power. Survivors will see the Knight plant his sword and see the path you are charting. Use Guardia Compagnia when Survivors do not have a line of sight. Set the Patrol route to separate the Survivor from a Pallet or Window they’re running for.

Suggested Build for The Knight


  • Call to Arms (Uncommon)
  • Map of the Realm (Common)


  • Jolt (Base Killer Perk)
  • BBQ & Chili (From The Cannibal)
  • Monitor & Abuse (From The Doctor)
  • Nemesis (From The Oni)

The Add-ons give a bigger Detection Radius to Guards and draw the Patrol Path faster and further. It’s easier for our Guards to start Hunting Survivors this way.

Jolt is our Regression Perk. It triggers on Downs from Basic Attacks. The Knight uses the Guards as a threat to land and hits himself. BBQ & Chili is our Info Perk. We see the Auras of distant Survivors after each Hook.

Monitor & Abuse lets us get closer to Survivors with a smaller Terror Radius out of Chase (and a larger one in Chase). Nemesis removes it entirely for Survivors that Stun us for a short duration. With these, it’s harder for Survivors to read us: have we stopped to use our Power, or are we still Chasing normally?

This was our Dead by Daylight guide on how to play the Knight or Tarhos Kovacs. We’re working on finding his Best Builds so we can cover them in the future.

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