Best Dead by Daylight Wraith Builds

Approach unseen with our Dead by Daylight Best Builds for Philip Ojomo, aka "The Wraith."

The Wraith is one of Dead by Daylight’s original Killers, part of the starting roster when the game first launched. As such, he lacks the more complex mechanics of other Stealth Killers. He compensates by being fast and having some really fun Add-ons. These are the Dead by Daylight best Wraith builds.

Best Dead by Daylight Wraith Builds

The best Dead by Daylight builds for The Wraith concentrate on using his Stealth Power to surprise Survivors.

The best Dead by Daylight Philip Ojomo “The Wraith” builds include:

One Hit Wonder

The One Hit Wonder build focuses on empowering the Wraith with info and 1-hit Downs.

Here are the Perks and Add-ons in the One Hit Wonder build:


  • All Seeing Blood (Very Rare)
  • Windstorm Blood (Very Rare)


  • Dragon’s Grip (From The Blight)
  • Make Your Choice (From The Pig)
  • Call of Brine (From The Onryo)
  • Coup De Grace (From The Twins)

Our Add-ons give the Wraith better mobility and help detect Survivors.

Our main combo is Dragon’s Grip and Make Your Choice. We get information on Survivors that rescue teammates and stop Generator Regression. These also debuff them with the Exposed status. Call of Brine gives us Generator Regression and forces Survivors to trigger Dragon’s Grip in the first place.

The Wraith is one of the best Stealth Killers in the game. He doesn’t normally get 1-hit Downs (like Michael Myers or Ghost Face), but he’s great for coming at Survivors out of nowhere. 

Before you ask, yes, we’re a sucker for Coup De Grace. It combines with the Wraith’s speed boost from uncloaking to deliver extra-long-range hits. Add in the Exposed Effect, and the Wraith becomes a monster at tiles where Survivors would normally be safe.

Ambush Predator

The Ambush Predator build is centered around Debuffing Survivors through injuries and Hooks.

Here are the Perks and Add-ons in the Ambush Predator build:


  • Coxcombed Clapper (Ultra Rare)
  • The Ghost Soot (Common)


  • A Nurse’s Calling
  • Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain
  • Stridor (From The Nurse)
  • Sloppy Butcher (Base Killer Perk)

Our Add-ons silence the Wailing Bell and suppress our Terror Radius shortly after uncloaking.

Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain puts Survivors in a bad situation. If they Heal after being rescued, they Repair and Heal slower. The Wraith can ambush them before they reach a Pallet or Window if they don’t. 

A Nurse’s Calling and Stridor make both options even less appealing. The Wraith knows where Healing Survivors are with A Nurse’s Calling and can better hear injured Survivors with Stridor. Sloppy Butcher means Survivors take longer to Heal. It also means we can interrupt them (say through A Nurse’s Calling) to drain their Healing progress.

Dead by Daylight Best Wraith Builds 
Image via Behaviour Interactive


The Disinformation build works by confusing Survivors with the Terror Radius.

Here are the Perks and Add-ons in the Disinformation build:


  • The Beast Soot (Common)
  • Bone Clapper (Uncommon)


  • Dark Devotion (From The Plague)
  • Coulrophobia (From The Clown)
  • Distressing (Base Killer Perk)
  • Infectious Fright (From The Plague)

Our Add-ons give the Wraith a Terror Radius even when cloaked and make the Wailing Bell audio cue less informative. 

At first glance, this build makes no sense; having no Terror Radius is The Wraith’s biggest advantage. Allow us to explain.

Coulrophobia and Distressing mean that Survivors need to distance themselves from the Killer if they want to heal. Without our Wailing Bell giving accurate info on where we are, Survivors can’t be sure if we’re aiming for them or someone else nearby. The Wraith’s invisibility means Survivors know he’s getting closer, but not where he’s coming from.

As they get used to this, we surprise them with Dark Devotion. Hitting the Obsession removes our Terror Radius by sticking it to the Obsession. The Wraith is back in stealth mode, and nobody knows. Better yet, if Infectious Fright triggers while Dark Devotion is active, the Survivors near the Obsession scream instead of the ones near the Wraith.

Those are the best Dead by Daylight Philip Ojomo “The Wraith” builds in the game. Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below!

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