Dead Space Remake New Gameplay Footage Revealed

A classic story with original scares are revealed in the Dead Space Remake new gameplay footage.

We have more Dead Space Remake content today, with new footage to enjoy. The game is still 3 months away, but Motive Studio has been hard at work bringing the survival horror classic to a new generation of Players. Here’s what we learned from the Dead Space Remake new gameplay footage.

Dead Space Remake New Gameplay Footage 

The video is set during Chapter 3, where Isaac must bring the engines back online. Senior Producer Philippe Ducharme walks us through the highlights. 

Watch the Dead Space Remake Extended Gameplay Walkthrough trailer here:

An Old Ship with New Bones

He starts by showing off the Zero-Gravity movement system teased previously. Isaac uses it to navigate the expanded hangar, exiting into space to reach the Engineering Deck. The tram is no longer the only way around the ship, as part of the process of doing away with loading screens. 

The original Dead Space uses a fair number of scripted scares and attacks. For a story kept to a linear path, this works well enough. The remake is more ambitious, however. In it, Players can back-track to previously visited sections of the ship or just explore beyond what is required. This means the remake needs to take a new approach to keep players on their toes. 

This doesn’t just mean more necromorphs, either. Through the Intensity Director, Motive also hopes to use lighting and ambient sound to vary the environments. This keeps the Ishimura a mysterious and dangerous place where Players never feel completely safe.

Dead Space Remake New Gameplay
Image via Motive Studio

Motive is also diving deeper into Isaac’s background as an Engineer. To reach the objective in the video, Isaac needs to redirect power to the circuit breaker. This forces a tough choice on Players: Do they forgo lights or life support to power the terminal they need? The original Dead Space was fairly generous with lighting, keeping enemies in view more easily. Combined with the new smoke effects, necromorphs are better at closing the gap undetected. Thankfully they are still noisy. 

The Dead Space Remake is looking like a faithful recreation that still sneaks in some new tricks. We can’t wait to see a new generation of players experience a certain scripted sequence from the original. The looks on their faces alone will be worth the wait. 

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