How to Farm Enchanted Dust in Diablo Immortal

Here's how to farm Enchanted Dust in Diablo Immortal, so you can upgrade your primary gear as efficiently as possible.

One of your main resource bottlenecks in the late game of Diablo Immortal is Enchanted Dust. Dust, combined with Scrap materials, Gold, and Glowing Shards, allow you to upgrade your Primary Gear at the Blacksmith, which provides a nice Combat Rating boost. It’s one of the main ways to increase your overall Rating aside from acquiring new gear altogether. The guide below will teach you how to farm Enchanted Dust in Diablo Immortal.

Everyone has their own farm routes, so I’m not here to debate about what is the most efficient. Below I outline a few options you can use if you’re running low on Enchanted Dust and need to upgrade your gear. First, here’s a quick rundown on how salvaging works, as this is the primary way to acquire Scrap Materials and Enchanted Dust.

How to Farm Enchanted Dust in Diablo Immortal

To farm Enchanted Dust in Diablo Immortal:

  1. Pick up and salvage all Rare Items at the local Blacksmith.
  2. Complete Kulle’s Hidden Chambers five times per day.
  3. Complete overworld events and limited-time events.
  4. Open any Cursed Chests you encounter.
  5. Purchase Enchanted Dust from the Hilts Vendor.
  6. Exchange Scrap Materials for Enchanted Dust.

Salvaging Items for Enchanted Dust

The primary way to acquire Enchanted Dust is by salvaging Rare Items. Salvaging different quality materials results in different upgrade materials. Here’s what each rarity item salvages for at the Blacksmith:

  • Common Item -> 1 Scrap Materials
  • Magic Item -> 3 Scrap Materials
  • Rare Item -> 1 Enchanted Dust
  • Legendary Item -> 1 Glowing Shard
  • Set Item -> 1 Glowing Shard

Note that your Paragon Level affects the number of Salvage materials returned. The amount of upgrade materials is determined at the drop time, not the time of salvage. Your amounts may differ from the list above, but this should give you a good idea of how it works.

Enchanted Dust Farm Routes

Now on to the good stuff: what’s the most efficient place to farm rare items? These are the top three zones for farming Enchanted Dust in Diablo Immortal:

  • Library of Zoltun Kulle: Grand Vestibule and Hidden Alcove
  • Realm of Damnation: Hall of Punishment and The Plains of Torment
  • Elder Rifts

The Library of Zoltun Kulle and Realm of Damnation are both great locations to farm rare items. The high mob density and high occurrence of elites, treasure goblins, and outdoor events make them the best endgame zones for farming both experience and items. For solo play, we recommend the circle to the right of the Hall of Punishment in Realm of Damnation or running around the Library of Zoltun Kulle collecting Lost Pages.

For group play, there’s no better place than the circle in the Plains of Torment in Realm of Damnation. As always, make sure you activate the Treasure Hunter Paragon tree with Treasure Find, Gold Find, and Greed (optional). These perks give you more drops, gold, and experience, so there’s really no reason to use anything else unless you are struggling in Hell 5.

Finally, we have Elder Rifts. Sure, you don’t get much experience here, but the item drops are above average. The high mob density and quick runs usually net you anywhere from 1 to 5 Enchanted Dust every few minutes, not to mention a lot of Scrap Materials. Don’t sleep on Elder Rifts, they’re a great source of upgrade materials!

Complete Kulle’s Hidden Chambers

Kulle’s Hidden Chambers is a mini-event in the Library of Zultan Kulle. Collect five Lost Pages to create a Tome, and use the Tome to open a portal to Kulle’s Hidden Chambers. The Chambers are a great way to get around 5-6 Enchanted Dust in under a minute. You can do this five times daily, so collecting pages should be part of your farm route.

The Hidden Chambers have a few different layouts, none of which are challenging. You may have to destroy objects to find the hidden treasure, but you’ll usually need to kill a few mobs and open some chests to get your Enchanted Dust.

Use our Diablo Immortal Lost Pages Map to see the page locations and plan your route accordingly.

Complete Events

Events are another great way to collect Enchanted Dust. These randomly occur throughout the overworld, and some good places to farm them are the Realm of Damnation and the Library of Zoltun Kulle. Like Cursed Chests, Events are a good way to supplement your mob farming.

Events typically start by speaking with an NPC that has a blue icon over its head. You probably know the gist by now, but you’ll need to do a task like kill some things or find an item, and then a purple elite mob will spawn. Upon completing the quest, you’ll get 2-3 Enchanted Dust for little effort. Similarly, kill any purple elite mobs you see in the overworld.

It’s also worth mentioning in this section that you should pay attention to Limited-Time Events. At the time of writing, a good one for acquiring Enchanted Dust is Return to Sanctuary. Limited-Time Events include things like running specific dungeons, completing a number of Elder Rifts, opening a number of chests, etc. You’ll find everything you need to know under your in-game “Events” tab.

Open Cursed Chests

Every time you find a Cursed Chest, you should do the event to get about 5 Enchanted Dust in less than one minute. These are random spawns in the overworld, so it’s just something to supplement any of your farm methods.

Purchase Enchanted Dust from the Hilts Vendor

Now with the grindy stuff out of the way, there are a couple of other ways to get Enchanted Dust. First off, the Hilts Vendor is a good idea if you’re stocked up on Hilts. In the Limited Time tab, you can purchase 20 Scrap Materials for 40 Hilts and 2 Enchanted Dust for 30 Hilts every time it refreshes.

If you’re low on Hilts, you may be better served spending them on Gems, your monthly Legendary Crest, and your weekly Legendary Item.

Trading Scrap Materials for Enchanted Dust

The final way to get Enchanted Dust is by visiting the Blacksmith Materials Vendor in Westmarch and trading some Scrap Materials. The conversion ratio is 10 Scrap Materials to 1 Enchanted Dust. You may be inclined to do this, especially if you’re close to upgrading, but there are some things to consider.

Unless you have a lot of Scrap Materials, doing this is not worth it. The reason is that you are cannibalizing your resources, whereas you could just farm to collect both Scrap Materials and Enchanted Dust. Again, if you have an unlimited supply of Scrap Materials from grinding non-stop, then go right ahead. However, most players will be better served by not making the mistake of wasting Scraps.

Trading Scrap Materials for Enchanted Dust

Those are the six main ways to farm Enchanted Dust in Diablo Immortal. If you have any unknown methods you’d like to share, feel free to comment below. You can also check out our Diablo Immortal section for more guides and walkthroughs!