Dragon Ball: The Breakers Pre-Order Bonus and Rewards

Did you play in the beta test or pre-order Dragon Ball: The Breakers? Here's how to get the Dragon Ball: The Breakers Pre-Order bonus.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers launches tomorrow. The asymmetric multiplayer title is spending its remaining time building hype for the October launch. Well, that and answering some lingering questions from the fanbase. Between the Last Minute Trial and other bonuses, players can come into the game with a few extra treats. Today, Dragon Ball: The Breakers’ Twitter told players how to find their shiny new stuff on release day. Here are the details on how to get Dragon Ball: The Breakers pre-order bonus and rewards.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Pre-Order Bonus and Rewards

To get Dragon Ball: The Breakers pre-order bonus and rewards, you must have played the Open Beta Test, Last Minute Trial, or have pre-ordered the game. To redeem the pre-order bonus, players will need to check the in-game game messaging system and check the Mailbox Robo to receive them.

See below for each of the Dragon Ball: The Breakers pre-order bonuses.

Open Beta Test Rewards

Players that participated in the Open Beta Test will get an in-game Oolong Keychain. To get the Oolong Keychain, purchase a copy of Dragon Ball: The Breakers on the same platform and account used in the open beta test. 

Oolong Keychain, Dragon Ball: The Breakers
Image via Bandai Namco

Last Minute Trial Rewards

Players from the Last Minute Trial will get a headstart on progression. This includes extra Zenny and Tickets based on how far they leveled the available characters. 

These will also be delivered through messages found at the Mailbox Robo. View the full details here:

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Pre-Order Bonus and Rewards
Image via Bandai Namco

Pre-Order Bonus Rewards

Buying the game before launch will grant players an Android 18 Transphere and Blue Scouter accessory. Both will appear directly in their item list. 

Players that buy the Special Edition also get a jacket, jeans, shoes, and a watch to help customize their Survivor character. This comes with the Two-Handed Good Victory Pose and a Yellow Dragon vehicle skin. Dragon Ball: The Breakers launches on October 14, 2022.

Keep an eye out for dressed-up characters, as they might know a few extra tricks.

The original tweet can be read here.

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