How to Get the Abyssal and Hadal Fishing Rod in Dredge

Here's how to get the fishing rod capable of fishing in Hadal and Abyssal fishing spots in Dredge.

There are many fish to collect in Dredge, the horror fishing exploration game from Black Salt Games and Team17. Catching some fish requires special rods, and the Hadal and Abyssal fish are likely the last ones you’ll be able to collect. If you’re wondering how to get them, this guide will show you how to get the Abyssal and Hadal fishing rod in Dredge.

As a word of caution, this guide contains some spoilers, so now is your chance to hit that back button or close this page if you want to avoid them.

How to Get the Abyssal and Hadal Fishing Rod in Dredge

To get the Abyssal and Hadal fishing rod in Dredge, you will need to visit the Stellar Basin area and complete a line of quests from the Researcher at the Old Fortress location. The multistep quest involves catching a variety of fish for the Researcher, specifically a Firefly Squid, a Glowing Octopus, and an Aurora Jellyfish. Luckily, all of these fish can be obtained in the Stellar Basin area.

Dredge Stellar Basin Old Fortress

If you’re having trouble with the Aurora Jellyfish or the Firefly Squid, make sure to use your trawl net. These creatures will automatically swim into your net occasionally as you drive around the Stellar Basin area.

After completing the quest from the Researcher, she’ll give you a suppression device, which you’ll need to take to the Research Outpost to hook up. The Researcher will also give you a Bottomless Lines fishing rod that can catch Abyssal fish. You will need to upgrade this by opening the Research tab while docked, going into the Rods tab, and researching Bottomless Lines. Then, you can purchase and install the upgraded Rod from the pontoon (or any shop). 

How to Get the Abyssal and Hadal Fishing Rod in Dredge

With the new fishing rod installed, you can now fish at any Hadal and Abyssal spots and finish the quest at the Researcher. And there you have it, that’s how to get the Hadal and Abyssal fishing rod in Dredge. It’s somewhat gated behind a quest, but you should eventually unlock it naturally as long as you’ve been following the story.

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