Dredge Dives Deeper with Photo and Passive Modes

This update introduces deep-sea aberrations, wildlife events, a new monster, and two new modes to the game.

Black Salt Games and Team17 Digital have released a new, free update to the critically-acclaimed sinister fishing adventure, Dredge. One of the most requested features since Dredge’s launch on March 30, the Photo Mode, allows players to document their nautical life findings on the open sea. 

But there’s a catch – before players can start snapping away, they’ll first have to fish for a piece of equipment and exchange it with a new islander name The Photographer for the new device. Players can find the new camp on an island south of The Marrows. 

The new update also introduces 10 new aberrations ready to be caught and 8 new wildlife. New units include a graceful whale shark – the largest living nonmammalian vertebrate – and pods of orca whales. In addition, a new monster from the deep has also been added.

Watch the official trailer for the new Dredge update 2:

The game’s new ‘Passive’ mode is perfect for those gamers who want to enjoy Dredge’s laid-back fishing gameplay while avoiding the more sinister side of the adventure. This mode allows players to focus on the tranquil aspects of the game without the threat of being attacked. 

For the full patch notes, visit the official Dredge Update post.

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