DREDGE: How Does the Rock Slab Work?

Here's a quick rundown on how the Rock Slabs work in DREDGE.

As you sail around the waters of DREDGE, you’ll eventually find mysterious Rock Slabs scattered around the islands. In case you’re wondering what to do with this, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how the Rock Slabs work in DREDGE.

How does the Rock Slab work in DREDGE

The slab of rock is a structure that juts from the water, and it has crude symbols on the front of it. To activate the rock, you’ll need to interact with it and fill all the slots with the fish that’s chiseled on the front of the stone. 

For example, the Rock Slab north of Greater Marrow has a picture of a Cod on it. You must fill the Rock Slab with enough Cod to occupy all available slots. In this case, you can arrange five Cod in the rock slab. After that’s done, a wave will wash over the fish and sweep them away. You’ll then receive a reward.

In this instance, we visited the Rock Slab north of the Greater Marrow town. We filled it up with five Cod, and we got a Sinew Spindle in return. It’s a handline reel wrapped in a length of stretchy sinew that can catch coastal and shallow fish, giving +5% fishing speed.

These Rock Slabs are located all over the place in each region. Each Rock Slab will have a different engraving on it, and some have purple slots that require Aberrations of whatever fish is engraved on the front of it. Overall, these mechanisms are just another way to get some free items for your ship.

That’s all you need to know about Rock Slabs in DREDGE. Remember to get a good night’s rest in-game! You can check out more beginner-friendly guides and detailed walkthroughs in our DREDGE section.