Where to Sell Valuables in DREDGE

Here's where you can sell your junk in DREDGE for some extra cash.

As you do a bit of dredging at the marked locations in the waters of DREDGE, you’ll inevitably catch some seemingly useless junk. We’re talking about old jewelry, bags of old coins, and basically anything that isn’t fish or boating equipment. This stuff is actually somewhat valuable as long as you know where to sell it. Here’s a quick beginner’s guide on where to sell valuables in DREDGE.

Where to Sell Valuables in DREDGE

You can sell valuables like jewelry, coins, and other metals to the Trader at Little Marrow. This area is just east of the starting area, Greater Marrow, so it’s not too long of a journey. The price you can get for your valuables depends on what you’re trying to sell. Here’s a list of a few items and what they sell for at the Trader:

  • Silver Trinket: $30
  • Citrine Ring: $25
  • Sapphire Earrings: $40
  • Doubloon: $15
  • Bag of Doubloons: $55
  • Old Iron Chain: $7.50
  • Worn Gold Ring: $15
  • Goblet: $35
  • Pearl Earrings: $25
  • Bronze Belt Buckle: $80 (Also a quest item)
  • Sapphire Ring: $45
  • Opal Earrings: $32.50
  • Broken Spectacles: $20
  • Old Iron Chain: $7.50
  • Opal Ring: $35
  • Fancy Boot: $49.50
  • Sapphire Ring: 49.50
Trader NPC Location in DREDGE

There are probably various other things you can sell, but hopefully, the brief list helps you decide what’s worth keeping and what’s not in case your storage is at capacity. 

Again, the Trader NPC is located at Little Marrow, directly across the water from Greater Marrow. When you dock at Little Marrow, simply click on the Trader button, go into your Storage or Cargo, wherever your valuable junk is, and offload your items.

That’s everything you need to know about how to sell valuables like earrings, rings, goblets, and other trinkets in DREDGE. You can check out some more beginner-friendly guides in our DREDGE section.