DREDGE: How to Catch Crabs

Here's a basic rundown of how to catch Crabs and use Crab Pots in DREDGE.

During your adventures in DREDGE, many of the townsfolk will have quests for you to complete. The Fishmonger occasionally asks you to catch specific fish and sea creatures, and some can be a little confusing to figure out. In this guide, we’ll explain how to catch crabs in DREDGE.

How to Catch Crabs in DREDGE

To catch crabs in DREDGE, purchase a Basic Crab Pot from the Fishmonger and place it in your Cargo. While out at sea, press “E” and select the Crab Pot option, and then right-click to deploy the Crab Pot. Pay attention to the bottom left of the screen to ensure you deploy the Crab Pot at a location that’s deep enough and has plenty of crabs.

How to Catch Crabs in DREDGE

After you place the Crab Pot, you’ll need to wait about a day, and then you can take your boat back to where you placed it to see if you caught anything. If the Crab Pot is empty, you’ll need to wait a little longer. If there are crabs inside, you can drag them into your Cargo.

Remember that Crab Pots have a duration, so you can only leave them out for a few days. You can collect the Crab Pots and repair them in town once you’re done with them. There are different quality Crab Pots, as well. The Basic Crab Pot is the first one you get, lasting three days. 

DREDGE Crab Pot Research

Open the Research page and navigate to the Pots tab to learn how to learn better ones. You can increase the effectiveness of basic Crab Pots and unlock new pots that can hold more crabs and last longer.

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