DREDGE: Where to Get Research Parts

Here's how to get more Research Parts in DREDGE so you can unlock better equipment and improve your boat.

As you explore the mysterious archipelago in DREDGE, you’ll eventually want to upgrade your boat and unlock new and better equipment. To do this, you will need lots of Research Parts. In this guide, we’ll show you where to get Research Parts in DREDGE.

Where to Get Research Parts in DREDGE

Research Parts are found by dredging in areas in the sea marked as “Shapes in the Deep.” At these spots, you can find a variety of items, such as Bolts of Cloth, Metal Scraps, Wood Planks, valuables, junk, and Research Parts. 

Where to Get Research Parts in DREDGE

You can also purchase Research Parts from the Travelling Merchants you encounter throughout the game. Research Parts usually cost about $350 to buy when you find them up for sale at a merchant.

Where to Get Research Parts in DREDGE - Traveling Merchant

How to Research New Equipment

You can research new equipment by docking at any town or location and clicking the gear icon next to the Rest button. From the Research screen, you can choose to learn new types of Rods, Engines, Pots, and Nets and increase the effectiveness of existing equipment.

As you go deeper into the research tree, higher-end equipment tends to cost a lot more Research Parts. That said, it’s a good idea to always visit those “Shapes in the Deep” and other debris markers in the ocean to look for more Research Parts. And always visit those Travelling Merchants to see if they have any up for grabs!

That’s about all you need to know about how to get Research Parts and research new equipment in DREDGE. You can check out some more beginner-friendly guides and walkthroughs in our DREDGE section.