Dwarf Fortress Arena Mode Update Patch Notes

We've carefully mined the details to the new Arena Update.

Dwarf Fortress patch update v50.06 for February 7, 2023, includes the all-new Arena mode, an updated interface, and some new crop sprites. 

As we reported earlier last week, Dwarf Fortress’ new Arena Mode will enable players to experiment with different creatures in the game. In addition to the new mode, the game also got some revamped crop sprites to better show progression so that it feels like your fruits and veggies are actually growing. 

Dwarf Fortress Arena Mode Update Patch Notes (February 7)

The updates to Dwarf Fortress for the February 7, 2023 patch include the following: 

Arena Mode 

The new Arena Mode will be a place where players can spawn different creatures and items into Dwarf Fortress to experiment with them. Players can access the new mode on the main menu by selecting object testing arena.

Graphic Updates

The graphic updates for the Arena Mode Update include the following: 

  • Underground crops now have sprouting textures.
  • Added planted soil texture and updated farm plot texture.
  • Fixed list icons for several creatures.
  • Updated designation textures.
  • Updated statue textures.

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Audio Changes

The audio updates for the Arena Mode Update include the following: 

  • Made ambiences continue from where they left off rather than starting at the beginning each time.
  • Now only plays a few random cards for a song on subsequent playthroughs rather than playing them in order each time.
  • Added neutral cavern ambience.
  • Replaced wild ambience with biome-specific ambiences (and the existing wild sounds).
  • Updated thunderstorm ambience.


Bugfixes for the February 7 patch include: 

  • Stopped new timelines from always saving into region1.
  • Fixed crash when copying trade information like ownership on certain items.
  • Fixed crash from giant/diagonal activity zones.
  • Stopped dragons and other megabeasts from appearing as relatives of random dwarves in the fort.
  • Allowed emotionless creatures to satisfy needs if they still have them.
  • Added a few additional embark warnings.
  • Added culling of certain dead units to help with performance.
  • Made invader summons parts of the invasion.

Outside of the new Arena mode, this patch update is a bit on the smaller side, but we’re happy to see advancement in the game and certain features, like crops, start to come to life with new sprites. 

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