Dwarf Fortress Babies Are Coming to the Game

Do baby Dwarves have beards?

Dwarf Fortress, the highly-popular city-management game, is currently working on The Baby Update. 

Dwarf Fortress was so popular that it made indie developers Bay 12 Games over $7 million in sales since its December Steam release of the game. It was enough for them to add a new developer, expanding the team by 30%, or 3 people (insert laughing emoji). 

Well, as it turns out — it seems like it’s full steam ahead as the game approaches a new milestone in development. Babies

According to a recent Steam post by the team, they’ve been working over the past month for baby sprites for dwarves, animals, plants, and monsters. 

What Does the Dwarf Fortress Baby Update Include?

Every living thing within Dwarf Fortress will be getting a baby form — and in some cases, a child form. It will make identifying units and their ages much easier from a visual perspective. 

Here’s what some of the new sprites will look like:

Dwarf Fortress Baby Sprites

Bay 12 Games developers are working hard to finish the update and are busy at PAX East, so no release date has been officially announced. 

We’ll be sure to keep players updated in our News Section when that does occur.