Farthest Frontier Planner

# Changelog


  • Added Copy/Paste functionality
  • Added fast click building insertion mode
  • Fixed Well desirability radius
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Added 0.80 Buildings
  • Fixed Marketplace Radius
  • Fixed Loading Bug on Saved Designs


  • Added Desirability Radius
  • Added Label Toggle
  • Added Hover tooltips
  • Made icons centered when rotated
  • Added Zoom buttons and reset
  • Minor bug fixes

# Upcoming Features

  • Allow free rotation
  • Design names
  • Designs browser

How to use the Farthest Frontier City Planner?

Our Farthest Frontier city planner app imports all of the buildings from Farthest Frontier along with their details. Place buildings on the grid by clicking your desired building from the sidebar. Rotate any building by pressing Tab or hitting the rotation button in the top left corner. Export your designs directly or even share them by generating a unique URL.

Why use the Farthest Frontier City Planner?

City builder games take a decent amount of planning if you want to scale smoothly into the late game. Farthest Frontier is no different, and you will find yourself constantly looking for space to improve your town’s desirability as you enter into other later tiers. It might be better to start your final layout early, and to do that, you can use our Farthest Frontier planner. Our app will help you build the perfect city every time and avoid wasting the time moving buildings around.

If you would like more features, see bugs, or would like to give us your general feedback, please get in touch!

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