Structural Integrity in Farthest Frontier Explained

Don't let your settlement fall into ruin. Learn how to manage your buildings structural integrity in Farthest Frontier.

Right when you think you’re getting the hang of Farthest Frontier, you get hit with the structural integrity problem. Left unchecked, poor structural integrity can leave your entire settlement in ruins, leading you to click your load button to get a save from ten hours ago. Nobody wants that, so here is a guide on how structural integrity works in Farthest Frontier and how to deal with it.

What is Structural Integrity in Farthest Frontier?

Structural integrity is essentially the maintenance cost of a building. When you construct a building in Farthest Frontier, it will start with 100% structural integrity, but this number will slowly diminish as time goes on. If your structural integrity goes down to 0, the building will be condemned and shortly after, collapse. 

Extreme weather events such as ice storms or blizzards can drastically lower the structural integrity across your entire city.

A building will use a portion of the same materials needed to build it to fix its structural integrity. For instance, if a tier 2 house has lowered structural integrity, it will need wood planks to repair it since wood planks were used initially for the upgrade.

Farthest Frontier Structural Integrity
Screenshot via Gamer Digest/Farthest Frontier

How do I Repair the Structural Integrity of my Buildings?

Your building’s structural integrity will automatically be repaired by your builders and laborers as long as they have the necessary resources and are not previously occupied. 

It’s important to ensure you are always stocked with your building materials, especially logs, wood planks, and stone. Whenever you start new construction, verify that the build will not completely deplete your reserves. If it will, either increase your production or wait on your build until you have some resources saved up.

Always make sure to stock up on your essential building materials. Purchase them from the trader if you must, but don’t let your building resources deplete to zero.

If your resources are running low, consider pausing the industries consuming them—firesplitters for logs, coopers for wood planks, and so on. 

If you have the resources but your buildings are still not being repaired, then your laborers and builders may be occupied. Go around and pause construction on any new builds you have that may be taking up manpower. Go to your professions panel and check how many laborers you have in the top right. If this number is red, you have too few laborers for the size of your settlement. Consider temporarily removing some works from various specialized professions until all of your buildings get repaired.

Farthest Frontier Professions
Screenshot via Gamer Digest/Farthest Frontier

TL;DR Structural Integrity Repair Summary

  • Structural integrity will automatically get repaired by your builders and laborers.
  • Make sure you have enough resources. Temporarily pause production buildings that consume the resource you need.
  • Purchase resources from traders if you are able.
  • Make sure your builders are not occupied with other projects. Pause all new construction, so they don’t waste manpower and resources.

How do you Repair a Building in Farthest Frontier?

Repairing the health of physical damage to your buildings is done in much the same way as structural integrity. The direct health of your buildings can be damaged by raiders and invaders but will not diminish over time unless the building is attacked again.

Buildings will be repaired automatically, but it may not seem that way. If your builders are occupied with other tasks, it may take years before they get around to fixing some of your buildings, making it seem as though you are missing a step in the repair process. Rest assured, you just have to make sure your resources are stocked, and your workers will get to the buildings over time. 

That’s all there is to understanding Structural Integrity in Farthest Frontier. Hopefully, this guide will help prevent your buildings from collapsing and keep your citizens happy.

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