How to Get Cows in Farthest Frontier

Is your cattle barn empty? Here is how to get your first cows in Farthest Frontier.

After building your first farms in Farthest Frontier, the next logical step is to get some farm animals. So you build your barn, but it just sits there, empty, with no cattle. What gives? Farming and cow herding aren’t the most straightforward mechanics in Farthest Frontier. Luckily we’re here to help. Here is how to get your first cows in Farthest Frontier.

How to Get Cows in Farthest Frontier

To get cows in Farthest Frontier, you must purchase them from a trader at your trading post. Cows are expensive and can range from 400 to 700 gold a piece, and not all traders will have them. Check your trading post each time a new trader arrives. Ander Plainsrider will be a trader that will bring cows the most often. 

Farthest Frontier Trader Cow
Screenshot via Gamer Digest/Farthest Frontier

Before purchasing a cow, ensure you have a barn and enough food to support them. If you don’t have a barn, cows will be stored at the trading post until you construct one. Barns are tier 2 buildings and store your cows in the winter. During the warm months, your cows will graze at your defined locations and improve soil fertility. Once you have two or more cows in a barn, they will slowly start producing offspring. Keeping the barn stocked with food is essential as your cattle stock grows. Cows will eat grains, greens, and root vegetables. If your cows don’t have food to eat over the winter, their health will slowly diminish until they die.

Although they’re a good bit of work and money, cows are a great resource of meat, milk, and fertilizer for your fields. Make sure to pick some up if you see them for a low price at a trader. 

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