How to Find Tin Sheet in Dinkum

Have you been searching for a Tin Sheet in Dinkum? Here's how you can make a Tin Sheets and find Tin Sheets in the game world.

A Tin Sheet is one of the first items you’ll need to get in Dinkum. Tin Sheets are used in various pieces of equipment within the game world, so having a large supply of them will come in handy as you advance through the game. Here’s how to find Tin Sheet in Dinkum

How to Find Tin Sheet in Dinkum

Making Tin Sheets with the Table Saw

The easiest way to obtain Tin Sheets is to cut Tin Bars on the Table Saw. To do this, you’ll need to obtain a Mining Licence from Fletch, find Tin Ore, and refine it. You’ll also need to procure a Table Saw, which you can get from John for 5,200 Dinks. Visit our guide for a complete walkthrough on how to get Tin Ore in Dinkum.

Here’s how to make Tin Sheets in Dinkum: 

  1. Refine Tin Ore to a Tin Bar. 
  2. Place the Tin Bar in your tool belt. 
  3. Select the Tin Bar, walk to your Table Saw, and left-click.

The result will be 1 Tin Sheet! To make a Tin Sheet in Dinkum, refine a Tin Ore into a Tin Bar and place it in the Table Saw. And there you go! It’s really as easy as that to get Tin Sheets in Dinkum. 

How to Find Tin Sheet in Dinkum
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But what if you don’t want to use up all your ore for Tin Sheets? Well, you’re in luck–you can also find them out in the game world. Continue reading to learn how. 

Digging for Tin Sheets

The other method for finding Tin Sheets is prospecting or digging, but this method is more expensive if you haven’t unlocked the proper Licences yet. 

Follow the following steps to dig for Tin Sheets: 

  1. Purchase the Metal Detecting Licence for 1000 Permit Points from Fletch. 
  2. Purchase the Excavation Licence for 500 Permit Points from Fletch. 
  3. Buy a Metal Detector for 6,600 Dinks from John. 
  4. Buy a Crude Shovel for 900 Dinks from John.
  5. Equip the Crude Shovel and Metal Detector to your toolbar. 
  6. Pull out the Metal Detector and hold the left mouse button. 
  7. Walk around and listen to the beeps. When it gets louder and faster, it means you’re closer to your loot. 
  8. When the beeping hits the maximum level, pull out your shovel and dig the square that was beeping. 
  9. You should find an item. Keep doing this until you find a Tin Sheet
How to Find Tin Sheet in Dinkum

You can also find Tin Sheets in barrels scattered across the world in Dinkum, so always bust them open because you can never be sure what you’ll find. Drop rates for Tin Sheets in the dirt are random, so you may have to search several locations before finding one. 

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