Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List (February 2023)

Find out what the best fruits are with our Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List.
Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

Fruit Battlegrounds is a Roblox game where players can master abilities that unleash from acquiring different fruits. Since this is a fighting game, you’re probably wondering which fruits are the best. We’re here to answer that question with our Fruit Battlegrounds tier list.

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Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

  • S-Tier: Flame, Light, Quake, Gravity
  • A-Tier: Ice, Bomb, Dark
  • B-Tier: Sand, Rubber, Barrier, Smoke
  • C-Tier: Chop

Flame – Mera Mera no Mi

  1. Fire Fist – Punch a blast of fire forwards. This move does Medium damage and has a five second cooldown. The move is good for spamming.
  2. Fire Gun – Shoots out rapid blasts of fire from your fingers. The move guard breaks and has a medium cooldown with medium damage. Fire Gun is best used for guard breaking or damage.
  3. Pillar – Makes a pillar of fire under you, igniting all nearby enemies, and deals medium damage with a medium cooldown. The range is small and suitable for combo extending with Fire Fist.
  4. Beam – Shoots a beam of fire forward. If fully charged, the beam is super strong and does great damage on a medium cooldown.
  5. Enkai – Creates a ball of fire and throws it at the enemy. Charging increases the size and damage of the Enkai. Overall, it does high damage and has a high cooldown.
  6. Flight – Allows you to fly around for 20 seconds. You can attack in flight and it’s good for mobility.

Gravity – Zushi Zushi no Mi

  1. Push – Create a force in the direction of your cursor, sending moves and players flying back. When charges, the push power increases at the cost of AoE. It has a medium cooldown and does medium damage.
  2. Launch – Creates a pushing force under your cursor, doing a guard break. When charged, the size and force increase. It has a short windup, medium cooldown, and medium damage. It pushes a little harder than Push.
  3. Avalanche – Summons five meteors around your location from the ground. When charged, you can summon ten meteros instead. It has a medium cooldown and synergizes well with Shoot.
  4. Shoot – Fire a summoned meteor to your cursor, dealing good damage and knockback. The move has a very low cooldown and does low to medium damage.
  5. Planetary Devastation – Compresses gravity in a big area around you and shoots it into the air. The sphere pulls terrain and players into it and deals big damage after decompressing. The move has a long cooldown and does very high damage.
  6. Great Meteor – Summons a meteor from space. Charging the move makes the meteor and damage bigger. It has a long cooldown and very high damage. It’s sort of difficult to land this, so you can aim it on yourself.

Light – Pika Pika no Mi

  1. Light Kick – Shoots a mid-range light bullet through your leg. The damage is medium, the cooldown is about seven seconds, and it takes 20 stamina.
  2. Mirror Kick – Travel forward a short distance and do a big AoE kick downwards. Holding it down makes it travel further, but being hit while bouncing between mirrors stops the teleport early and instantly kicks. The damage is medium, does burn damage, and the cooldown is about eight seconds.
  3. Blinding Combo – Makes a big semi-circle AoE kick pulling people into it, and does a combo of melee hits. The damage is medium, and the cooldown is about eight seconds. 
  4. Guzan – Do a backflip with a sword of light, and slash forward. The move does the highest damage in the game and has a medium cooldown.
  5. Jewels of Light – Fly up and shoot balls of light down on enemies. It has a low cooldown and low stamina drain.
  6. Flight – Fly around in a straight line for up to ten seconds (chargeable). It’s a good move for gap closing or camping in the air.

Quake – Gura Gura No Mi

  1. Fist – Punches the air in front of you, creating a shockwave. The move has a low cooldown and mid damage.
  2. Eruption – Slams arms into the ground and makes eruptions that follow the direction you’re aiming. Charging it increases the range and damage. It has a medium cooldown and low damage.
  3. Slam – Kick yourself up into the air and launch to the direction of your cursor, slamming the ground and dealing damage. The move has a medium cooldown and damage, and is good for gap closing or running.
  4. Island Shake – Stomp the ground to create a big force, trapping and pulling targets into you. The move has a high cooldown and high damage.
  5. Seaquake – Punch the air and create two tsunamis, pulling players in and dealing severe damage. The move has high cooldown and insane damage.

List of Fruits in Fruit Battlegrounds

  • Sun God – Hito Hito No Mi (Mythical)
  • Dragon – Uo Uo No Mi (Mythical)
  • Phoenix – Tori Tori No Mi (Mythical)
  • Gravity – Zushi Zushi No Mi (Legendary)
  • Quake – Gura Gura No Mi (Legendary)
  • Flame – Mera Mera No Mi (Epic)
  • Light – Pika Pika No Mi (Epic)
  • Magma – Magu Magu No Mi (Epic)
  • Dark – Yami Yami No Mi (Rare)
  • Ice – Hie Hie No Mi (Rare)
  • Bomb – Bomu Bomu No Mi (Rare)
  • Rubber – Gomu Gomu No Mi (Uncommon)
  • Smoke – Moku Moku No Mi (Uncommon)
  • Barrier – Bari Bari No Mi (Common)
  • Chop – Bara Bara No Mi (Common)
  • Sand – Suna Suna No Mi (Common)
  • Gravity (Awakened) – Zushi Zushi No Mi (TBD)
  • Paw – Nikyu Nikyu No Mi (TBD)
  • Operation – Ope Ope No Mi (TBD)
  • Rumble – Goro Goro No Mi (TBD)

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