Fruit Battlegrounds Update Log and Patch Notes (December 4)

Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds released a new update on December 4, bringing a new Fruit to the game, Xbox compatibility, and more.
Fruit Battlegrounds Update Log and Patch Notes (December 4)

The popular new Roblox anime fighting game, Fruit Battlegrounds, is here with a December 4 update. In this update, players will find a variety of changes and updates to the current systems. Xbox players can now also enjoy the experience on consoles, as the game is now compatible. 

Below is a list of all the changes and patch notes in the Fruit Battlegrounds update for December 4. The notes were taken from the developers on Discord, so follow them there if you want to stay up-to-date with announcements. 

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Fruit Battlegrounds Patch Notes and Update Log (December 4)

  • New Magma (Epic) Fruit
  • Fruit Battlegrounds is now Xbox compatible
  • 18 New Titles
  • Kill Feed UI added at the bottom right
  • New Bounty Leaderboard at the colosseum entrance
  • Mobile controls improved a bit (Will continue to improve over time)
  • Flight now works on mobile
  • Bounty Steal Cooldown of 5 minutes when you try to kill someone
  • Added a warning when you try to spin off a rare+
  • Gravity Push now guard breaks
  • Quake Fist and Eruption now guard breaks
  • Gravity Ult now guard breaks
  • Invisible glitch patched
  • Dark end projectile speed buffed heavily
  • Aiming skills is much more consistent now
  • Performance slightly improved (will continue to improve over time)
  • Light Flight now drains stamina heavily to reduce running
  • Mirror Kick improved a bit
  • Light Jewels cooldown increased
  • Blinding combo buffed
  • Sand skills 3 and 4 nerfed
  • Fixed skill cache glitch
  • Several Bug Fixes

That’s everything there is to know about the new update for Fruit Battlegrounds on December 4, 2022. You can visit our Fruit Battlegrounds section for more game coverage, tier lists, codes, updates, and more.

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