Fruit Battlegrounds Trello Link and Discord Server

Here are the links to the Fruit Battlegrounds Trello and Discord server so you can learn more about the game.

Fruit Battlegrounds is a Roblox game inspired by One Piece where players can acquire fruit to unlock powerful abilities and battle it out against other players in a familiar world. If you want to master the game, you’ll probably want to research everything there is to know. There’s no better place to find information than the Trello board and Discord server.

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The Fruit Battlegrounds Trello link is:

The Trello board contains lots of information, including a Fruit Battlegrounds tier list, codes, titles and title colors, and a full list of fruits and skills. If you’re curious about development, there’s also a list of upcoming fruits so you can plan for the future.

Fruit Battlegrounds Discord Server

The Fruit Battlegrounds Discord server is:

The POPO Discord server contains tons of information about Fruit Battlegrounds. You can find channels for news, information, updates, sneaks, model sneaks, build sneaks, and other content. You can also chat with like-minded Fruit Battlegrounds players to theory craft and discuss which fruits are broken.

If you want to know all about the game, you’re likely to find anything you need to know on both the Discord server and Trello. So, feel free to join both of them and have a look around. Remember to thumbs up the game if you want to support the awesome developers.

Is there a Fruit Battlegrounds Wiki?

There is no official Fruit Battlegrounds wiki, but the Trello board and Discord server contain all the information you could possibly need to know, organized into easily digestible sections. Whether you want to know which fruits are good, or what updates are coming to the game, either one of those options will work great for your needs.

You can visit the Fruit Battlegrounds page on Roblox to play the game. Feel free to visit our Roblox section to find more awesome Roblox games and claim some in-game freebies.