Fruit Battlegrounds Codes: Free Gems (February 2023)

Use the Fruit Battlegrounds codes for free gems and spins.
Fruit Battlegrounds Codes

Do you love anime-inspired fighting games on Roblox? Fruit Battlegrounds is an experience created by POPO where players can battle against friends. Inspired by One Piece, players can obtain fruits to unlock special abilities, fight other players, unlock new fruits, and journey to become the strongest character in the game.

Use the Fruit Battlegrounds codes below to get free gems, in-game boosts, and other limited-time rewards. Players can use gems to spin for a new fruit and try their luck at obtaining a legendary. Find out how to redeem them in Fruit Battlegrounds in the section below. Codes do not last forever, so use them while they last!

February 2 2023: New update released. We are checking for Fruit Battlegrounds codes.

Fruit Battlegrounds codes

Active codes:

  • GOKRAZY150: Free Gems
  • 140KAGAIN: Free Gems
  • FATSTACKZ: Free Gems
  • RAININGGEMS!: Free Gems
  • LETSGOO130K: Free Gems
  • PAWGOKRAZY: Free Gems
  • GOLDENDAYZ: Free Gems
  • FREECAZH: Free Gems
  • 120KTHX: Free Gems
  • INDAZONE: Free Gems
  • 110KYEE: Free Gems
  • WINTERDAYZ: Free Gems
  • 100KWEDIDIT: Free Gems
  • DAMN90K: Free Gems
  • 80KAHHHHH: Free Gems
  • 80KCRAZY: Free Gems
  • THXFOR70K: Free Gems
  • FREEBREAD!: Free Gems
  • 60KLETSGOOOO: Free Gems
  • 50KINSANE: Free Gems
  • 40KDAMN: Free Gems
  • 35KWOWBRO: Free Gems
  • 30KLOVEYOU: Free Gems
  • 25KINSANE!!: Free Gems
  • 20KCRAZY: Free Gems
  • 15KNOWAY: Free Gems
  • THXFOR10K: 450 Gems
  • 7KTEAM: 450 Gems
  • PRESENT4YOU: 700 Gems

Expired codes:


What are Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds Codes?

Fruit Battlegrounds codes are random words and strings of letters and numbers released by the game developers. Players can redeem codes for various in-game items, such as gems, which can be used to spin for new fruit. Codes expire quickly, so use them while they last to avoid missing out on freebies.

How do I redeem codes for Fruit Battlegrounds?

To redeem codes in Roblox’s Fruit Battlegrounds, launch the game and click on the Spin Fruit button from the main menu. Next, click on the treasure chest that says Spin. You will see a code redemption box on the bottom left of the screen. Enter a working code into the box and press Redeem to get your free gems.

How do I get more Fruit Battlegrounds codes?

The best way to get new codes for Fruit Battlegrounds is by following the developers on Twitter and subscribing to the official YouTube channel. You can also join the Discord server for announcements, game updates, and promotional events. We monitor all known code distribution channels, and we’ll add them to our code wiki for your convenience.

That’s our list of the latest working Fruit Battlegrounds codes. How about checking out our list of the best Roblox tower defense games? Don’t waste time visiting other websites when we cover all the games. Visit our Roblox guides wiki page for more codes and walkthroughs for your favorite Roblox experience.

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