Is PSN Down Right Now? How to Check Server Status

Here's how you can check whether the PlayStation Network is down right now.

If you play on PlayStation every day but can’t play right now, you may be asking yourself, are the PSN services down right now, or is the PlayStation Networker under maintenance? Well, there are a few ways you can check, and we’ll explain how in this guide. 

How to Check PSN Server Status

The PlayStation Network servers will go down from time to time from outages or maintenance. To check if the PSN servers are down, players can check the following: 

If you don’t see similar reports of PSN being down, it could be your network or internet connection. Make sure that your system is correctly connected to your internet. Sony will typically make some sort of announcement on one of these platforms when the entire PSN is down.

If everything seems to be working fine, including your system and internet connection, it may be time to contact PlayStation Repairs to see if they can help you troubleshoot your issue.