Jagged Alliance 3 Announces Limited Collectors Editions

THQ Nordic is trying to make collectors editions more collectible.

In an era where the allure of collector’s editions and physical releases seems to be waning, THQ Nordic just announced a bold move. The company plans to perform very limited, serially numbered print runs for every PC release that includes a physical version. This includes not only Standard Editions but also eligible Collector’s Editions.

The print runs of Jagged Alliance 3 Tactical Edition will be limited to a small number of units, all of which will be serially numbered, sealed, and premium packaged. The first few numbers of each run will be designated for the THQ Nordic Vienna Store, while the rest will be made available online or offered to selected retail partners. The very last number of each limited print run will be sent to the Embracer Games Archive.

Jagged Alliance 3 Tactical Edition
THQ Nordic

The company plans to compile all data on these print runs and display it on its website. Other games set to receive this treatment include Gothic 1 RemakeAlone in the DarkTrine 5Tempest RisingLast Train HomeWreckreationSpace for SaleOutcast II, and many more.

Jagged Alliance 3 will have a limited print run of 2,500 units. The distribution will be split between the German version and the International version, with the final unit delivered to the Embracer Games Archive. Marketing for the Tactical Edition boasts only 200 units worldwide will be available.

While this move by THQ Nordic may excite some collectors, it remains to be seen whether it will rekindle the broader market’s interest in physical game collections. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, companies will need to balance nostalgia and tradition with the realities of the digital age.

Interested parties can purchase a physical edition on THQ Nordic’s online store when the game releases on July 14, 2023.

Stay tuned for more updates on THQ Nordic’s limited print runs and other exciting gaming news in our news section.