Jagged Alliance 3: Treasure Hunting Quest Guide

If you're struggling with the Treasure Hunting quest in Jagged Alliance 3, this guide will show you exactly what to do.

Upon visiting Mfumu’s Mine in zone H7 in Jagged Alliance 3, players can come across a sidequest titled Treasure Hunting from Lucky Veinard, a weird man in the mining camp who uses a chicken named Schliemann to find treasure. He’ll grant the quest upon chatting with him, but completing it may be unclear, especially if you don’t know where to start. Luckily, we’ve fleshed out this quick guide to help you through things. 

Treasure Hunting Quest Guide 

Speak to Lucky Veinard, then keep interacting with the chicken, Schliemann, until he leads you to a pile of corn cobs. Speak to Veinard again, and he will explain that there is a lost treasure somewhere in the zone next to a tree. Look to the north of the diamond mine and search for a tree with a mound next to it. Hovering over the mound gives you the option to loot it. Players will need a character with a high Wisdom stat to loot the cache. 

If MD is in your party, he will be able to loot it. Upon looting the mound next to the tree, players will receive an Ancient Clay Tablet, which can be cashed in for a profit of $3,000. The description for the Ancient Clay Tablet reads: 

Covered with hieroglyphs that contain words of indecipherable wisdom, or perhaps just the bill for a dinner paid 3240 years BCE.

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Ancient Clay Tablet in Inventory Jagged Alliance 3

And there you have it! The Treasure Hunting side quest in Jagged Alliance 3 feels a little confusing because there are no exact directions. If you get intel on the zone, you can hit the O key and look for different loot areas, as that’s how we ultimately found the location. 

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