Jagged Alliance 3: How to Upgrade Weapons

If you've just got some mats to upgrade your arsenal but have no idea how to apply them, this guide will fill you in.

Upgrading your weapons in Jagged Alliance 3 will make them more potent in battle by enhancing their stats. If you’ve recently acquired some crafting materials but are unsure how to use them, this guide will walk you through all the mechanics behind upgrading your weapons in Jagged Alliance 3. 

How to Upgrade Weapons in Jagged Alliance 3

To upgrade your weapons, right-click any weapon from your inventory and select Modify to open the upgrades screen. From here, you can scroll through your weapons and apply attachments to them by selecting the open slots at the bottom of the screen. When you are ready to upgrade, hit Modify. 

Double-Barrel Shotgun Modify Weapon Screen Jagged Alliance 3

Modifying your weapon doesn’t always work. The game will select the character with the highest Mechanical skill to make the upgrades, but there is a chance that the upgrade will fail. Each time the upgrade fails, your weapon will lose Condition, which increases the likelihood of it jamming. For this reason, we suggest trying mods that are easier to accomplish until your character’s Mechanical skill is high. 

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Certain, more advanced upgrades will require special materials that you can find by visiting different zones and taking out more powerful enemies. If you don’t have the required materials for the upgrade, the text will be highlighted in red. 

Now you know how to upgrade your weapons in the Jagged Alliance 3, you can outfit your mercs with more powerful firepower to make the combat a breeze. 

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