Jagged Alliance 3: How to Craft Ammo

You're dead if you run out of ammo in Jagged Alliance 3.

In Jagged Alliance 3, players need to manage their ammunition and can eventually run out. While you can find ammo in the different zones of the game, it may not be enough to sustain your entire party. Luckily, there’s a way to craft ammo in the game, as long as you know which options to select. 

How to Craft Ammo in Jagged Alliance 3

To craft ammo in the game, visit a Port or Repair Shop zone, right-click the party you want to craft ammo and select Operations. From this screen, scroll down and select the Craft Ammo option. 

Craft Ammo Option Jagged Alliance 3

After you’ve selected the Craft Ammo option, you’ll need to assign someone with a high Explosives skill to create it. Click Pick Item, and you’ll gain access to various caliber rounds that you can craft. 

Ammo Types Jagged Alliance 3

A wrench icon on the SAT View map will designate Repair Shop zones. 

There are different ammo calibers with different effects, like Armor piercing, which is more effective on armored targets. More powerful ammo will cost more materials to create. 

If you’re looking for the cheapest option, look for the Standard option of the caliber you are trying to create. Just as with healing, players should take their time as they claim new zones on the map and spend time resting and creating ammo when they can. 

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