Jagged Alliance 3 Headshot Hue Quest Guide

If you're having trouble locating the wig for Headshot Hue, this guide will walk you through the side quest.

In Jagged Alliance 3, you’ll meet many different characters along your journey, and one of them goes by Headshot Hue and has a hole in his head. It just so happens the guy loves wigs, so he’ll task you with finding one if you communicate with him. Here’s how to find the wig and complete the Headshot Hue quest. 

Headshot Hue Quest Guide

Headshot Hue can be found in the Port Cacao Docks in zone K9 on the SAT View. After clearing out the enemy mobs in the area, speak with him, and he’ll task you with finding a wig. The Red Curly Wig is located in a junk pile in Port Cacao City in zone L8 in a square shack across from city hall. Once you loot it, you’ll find the wig in your inventory. 

Interact with the junk pile to obtain the wig. Then, head back to the Port Cacao Docks and speak with Headshot Hue again to complete the quest. He’ll act out a quick scene, then provide the players with the following rewards: 

  • 5 Loyalty with Port Cacao
  • XP for your party members

After you complete the quest, Hue will offer up a pretty great shotgun for the cost of $2,000, which you can equip from your inventory. 

The Headshot Hue side quest is one of the more challenging quests in the game since it doesn’t give much direction on exactly where the wig is located. 

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