Jagged Alliance 3: Helping Ernie Village Quest Guide

Finding the machine gun for the side quest "Helping Ernie Village" in Jagged Alliance 3 is easier said than done.

In Jagged Alliance 3, there are a variety of distinct NPCs that you’ll meet throughout your campaign. Basil from the Village of Ernie is one of the earliest NPCs you’ll talk with. Once the town is liberated, Basil will explain that he once had a machine gun but that it’s buried deep in the ground. There aren’t many clues, so we’ve created this quick guide to help you through the Helping Ernie Village quest. 

Helping Ernie Village Quest Guide

The machine gun players must find to complete the Helping Ernie Village quest is hidden in a container inside of a bunker in zone H3 on the starting island.

H3 Zone Jagged Alliance 3

Upon entering the zone, players will encounter Bastien, who will try to rob them. If you select the dialogue options to refuse to drop your weapons and rob them instead, Bastien will leave you alone, along with a nice stockpile of weapons you don’t have to fight for. We suggest taking this route, as you’ll need all the health and firepower you can muster to complete this zone in a single run.

Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien

After talking to Bastien, head down the path to the left and take out the large group of Marauders surrounding the Bunker. Once you’ve won the battle, make sure to heal up before interacting with the bunker door to enter the next part of the mission. 

Beware — there are a lot of enemies in the Bunker, so make sure you’re reloaded and healed up before moving on to the next portion of the quest. 

Bunker Doors H3 Jagged Alliance 3

Once you defeat all the enemies in the Bunker, you can check the nearby cabinets for a plethora of different, powerful weapons. Head to the side rooms inside the Bunker, and you’ll find the machine gun that you need to complete the quest. 

Once you head back to the Village of Ernie, you’ll need to make a choice between taking the MG, or leaving it for the village. While we don’t want to spoil anything in the game for you, we will let you know that machine guns are a dime a dozen later on in the game, so that might help nudge you in the right direction. 

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