Jagged Alliance 3: Herman is Missing Quest Guide

If you're trying to complete the Herman is Missing quest from Ernie Village, this guide will walk you through the best way to approach it.

In Jagged Alliance 3, players must help the civilians of Grand Chien from the notorious Legion who seek to oppress the people there. One of the first things you’ll need to do is help the people of Ernie Village. While there, you may pick up a side quest called Herman is Missing. If you’re struggling to complete the quest, this guide will walk you through where to find Herman and how to finish the level. 

Herman is Missing Quest Guide

Herman is located in the I3 zone on the starting island. Upon entering the zone, you’ll approach a group of The Legion harassing Herman in a minefield. It’s best to set up your squad with the Overwatch abilities since the three options will lead to the Marauder attacking you. 

I3 Zone Jagged Alliance 3

Opening up with grenades here can also shorten the fight time significantly. After taking out the enemies, use an Engineer with a high Explosives skill to defuse the bombs. We used Barry, and none of the bombs exploded. Walk up slowly to the mines, then interact with them to defuse them. Using a low-level engineer may result in the mines blowing up. 

Overwatch Jagged Alliance 3

The first mine you should defuse is directly under Ernie. After defusing the bombs in the area, head north in the zone to speak to DeeDee Bombastic, who can also provide your squad with explosives like grenades that you can use in combat. There will be additional mines along the way, so make sure to defuse them or your squad may take damage.

DeeDee Bombastic Jagged Alliance 3

Complete the quest by traveling back to Ernie Village. Speak to Greasy Basil or Luc to continue with the next portion of the quest, which will give you dialogue options to tell Luc and Basil the truth or keep quiet. 


Staying out of it will result in Luc being hanged and the player receiving some items from Herman. Blaming Herman but sparing him results in items and Herman and his wife leaving the village. Hanging Herman results in nothing but negative reputation with the village. 

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