Jagged Alliance 3: How to Stealth Kill

If you're trying to move in silence in Jagged Alliance 3, you must learn how to stealth kill.

In Jagged Alliance 3, players can perform Stealth attacks that won’t raise suspicion from other enemies on the map. However, performing such a move might feel a bit confusing, especially if you’re not used to the game’s combat mechanics. If you’re trying to Metal Gear your way through the game’s 100+ zones, this guide will show you exactly how to Stealth Kill. 

How to Stealth Kill in Jagged Alliance 3

To perform a Stealth Kill in the game, hit H to enter Stealth Mode, walk up to a solo enemy, left-click on them, and select a Takedown option. If you select a silent weapon, like a knife, you can Stealth Kill an enemy without alerting other enemies on the map.

Prepare Takedown Stealth Kill Jagged Alliance 3

Performing a successful Stealth Kill will prevent your characters from entering combat mode and enables your mercs to move freely in the zone. It’s possible to miss during a Takedown, so use right-click to increase your odds of landing the blow. You’ll want to approach Unaware enemies, as they are more likely to be killed. 

In addition to sneaking around the map and taking out enemies one at a time, Stealth Kills can also be used as powerful openers that will often heavily crit your target, killing them in one blow. 

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