Jagged Alliance 3: How to Unjam a Gun

If your gun is jammed, you can't shoot; if you can't shoot, you're dead.

Jagged Alliance 3, the new tactical strategy turn-based game, is a ton of fun, but there are a multitude of small game mechanics that players must understand if they ever hope to win the campaign mode. If you’re in the middle of a fight and your gun has become jammed, you’ll need to learn how to unjam a gun.

How to Unjam a Gun in Jagged Alliance 3

To unjam your gun in the game, simply select the Unjam ability in your skill bar. The Unjam option will only be available when your gun jams. Unjamming your gun requires 5 AP. Guns with lower a lower Condition will have a higher chance of jamming. 

Unjam Button Jagged Alliance 3

Another way to unjam your gun is by going into your inventory, right-clicking the weapon that’s jammed, and selecting the Unjam option. 

Unjam Gun Jagged Alliance 3

Since Jagged Alliance 3 is a turn-based game, and there really isn’t any rush, both methods work, though just selecting the Unjam button from your skill bar is much faster. 

There are many different gaming mechanics in Jagged Alliance 3, and a jammed gun is just one of them, but it’s easy to fix. If your weapon jams up, there’s a good chance you could lose a turn and a character, so remember to repair your equipment from the SAT View in the game.

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