Last Epoch Players Who Purchased Before March 9 Get a Free Cosmetic

Travel through the World of Eterra in style with the Traveler's Backpack

The action RPG hype is real, as 2023 is proving to be a massive year for the genre. One game garnering lots of attention is the loot-based time travel ARPG Last Epoch, which entered Early Access on Steam following its successful Kickstarter in 2018.

Eleventh Hour Games, the developer behind Last Epoch, announced on Twitter this weekend that players who purchased a copy of Last Epoch before March 9 can now claim a free back cosmetic item, the Traveler’s Backpack.

How to Get the Traveler’s Backpack in Last Epoch

To equip the Traveler’s Backpack in Last Epoch, press “K” to open the character cosmetics tab while in-game. Click on the back slot, and select the Traveler’s Backpack to equip it. 

How to Get the Traveler's Backpack in Last Epoch
Screenshot: Gamer Digest via Last Epoch

The Traveler’s Backpack is exclusive for players who pre-ordered prior to March 9.

At the time of writing, it’s one of the only cosmetics in the game. The limited functionality for the MTX store was implemented into Last Epoch in Beta version 0.9. From the patch notes:

  • Patch 0.9 will not include the MVP of the MTX store, however some functionality support for it will be set up, including the online cosmetics panel. As the appearance tab is only available for online players, legacy cosmetics will not be available for offline characters. You will still be able to equip legacy cosmetics for online characters.
  • We also want to take this opportunity to reinforce that we will not be selling any MTX which offer character power, and that the future for cosmetics in Last Epoch is strictly cosmetic offerings.

We can expect many more cosmetics to come to the game soon, and hopefully some more exclusives for players who own the game but were a bit too late to claim the Traveler’s Backpack.

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