How to Unlock Empowered Monoliths in Last Epoch

Here's how to unlock Empowered Monoliths in Last Epoch, so you can seek out that high quality loot.

The endgame progression system in Last Epoch consists primarily of running Monoliths and Dungeons. The game’s Monoliths system has an Empowered version, where the good loot drops, so you’ll want to unlock them as fast as possible. In this guide, we’ll explain how to unlock Empowered Monoliths in Last Epoch, in case you’re a little confused.

How to Unlock Empowered Monoliths in Last Epoch

To unlock Empowered, or Legendary Monoliths in Last Epoch, you will need to fully clear all three level 90 Monoliths by defeating the bosses in each of them. After the Monoliths are defeated, return to the island in the middle of the three Monoliths, watch the cutscene, and then click the blue powered-up beam.

After clicking the powered-up blue orb, you will get a screen that says, “Timeline Empowered: You can attempt to conquer timelines at a higher difficulty.

Now, whenever you go to any Monolith, you can select between two Area Levels: Normal or Legendary. Legendary or Empowered Monoliths increase the Area Level to 100 and add two new Modifiers: Minimum Corruption 100 and No Maximum Corruption.

Corruption affects timelines by increasing the monster health and damage, but more importantly, it increases the rarity of the Echo Rewards. Empowered Monoliths are what you want to farm for high-quality exalted items, uniques, sets, base items, etc.

To maximize your efficiency in unlocking Empowered Monoliths, we recommend going up the right side of Monoliths. That means when you defeat the Fall of the Outcasts (Monolith 1), choose the option to go to the Future to unlock The Black Sun, then Ending the Storm, and finally, Reign of Dragons.

Your progression should look something like this:

  1. Fall of the Outcasts
  2. The Black Sun
  3. Ending the Storm
  4. Reign of Dragons
  5. The Age of Winter, The Last Ruin, Spirits of Fire (any order)
Monolith Progression in Last Epoch

The Blessings on the left side Monoliths (The Stolen Lance, Blood, Frost, and Death, and Fall of the Empire) only grant bonus item drop rates, so these are not important, as you can always go back and collect them later. The Monoliths on the right side offer blessings that directly affect your Skills, Damage, and Resistance.

When I first started playing Last Epoch, this Monolith system took a bit to learn. So, I hope this guide helps you out and makes things a little more understandable!

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