Is Meet Your Maker Cross Platform or Cross Progression?

Plan on playing across multiple consoles? In this article, we answer if Meet Your Maker is cross platform or cross progression.

Meet Your Maker is a brand new IP currently under development by the same team that brought us Dead by DaylightBehaviour Interactive. At its core, Meet Your Maker is a game created for builders and raiders, set in a unique post-apocalyptic universe. Earlier, we sat down with Behaviour to ask them a few questions about the game, including if Meet Your Maker is cross-platform or cross-progression. 

Read the full interview with the Brand Director of Meet Your Maker here. 

Is Meet Your Maker Cross Platform or Cross Progression?

According to a Gamer Digest interview with Meet Your Maker’s Brand Director, Nicolas Lefebvre, Meet Your Maker does not plan on supporting cross-play or cross-progression at launch.

According to Lefevre, 

“At launch, the game will be ‘cross-content,’ meaning that every player-built Outpost will be available on every platform. For example, you can raid an Outpost built by an Xbox player on your PC. We don’t have plans to support crossplay nor cross-progression at launch.”

While disappointing to some, this feature could be introduced after the game’s official launch. 

One interesting thing of note is that Behaviour’s flagship title, Dead by Daylight, originally didn’t have crossplay, but because of the insane popularity, it added the feature later. If you’re dying for the feature, speak up in the forums, as Behaviour has previously listened to the player base. 

What is Meet Your Maker?

Meet Your Maker is a fun building/raiding game where you build an Outpost for other players to raid. The goal of the game is to survive the traps and mazes that players create to gain valuable loot. 

To learn more about the game, head over to our release date post on Meet Your Maker

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