What Platforms is Meet Your Maker On?

Which platform do you plan on playing Meet Your Maker on?

Are you into building and raiding other people’s structures? If the answer is a resounding “yes,” you’ll love the upcoming game, Meet Your Maker, currently under development by Behaviour Interactive, the same team that brought us Dead by Daylight. Luckily, we got to sit down with the team, who told us they were planning a multi-platform full release of the game. Here are the platforms that Meet Your Maker is releasing on. 

Meet Your Maker Release Day Platforms

Meet Your Maker has a planned release for 2023 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox X|S, and PC. In addition, the game will be “cross-content,” meaning that “every player-built Outpost will be available on every platform,” according to Meet Your Maker’s Brand Director Nicolas Lefebvre. 

This means that regardless of the platform you’re playing on, you’ll be able to raid creations on any of the other platforms the game is currently on. 

With such a wide range of platforms available to play the game, the potential for a player base is enormous. 

What is Meet Your Maker?

In Meet Your Maker, players, or “Custodians,” build giant structures called Outposts and try to raid other people’s structures. The goal? You guessed it, that sweet, sweet loot. Unlike other games, though, raiding and building are truly at the core of the gameplay. 

With punishing 1-hit death mechanics and a cool, dystopian aesthetic, we’re excited to get our hands on the final release of this game, regardless of the platform we’re playing it on. 

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