Mount and Blade Bannerlord: Betting Fraud – Is it Worth It?

Did you just complete the Betting Fraud quest in Bannerlord and feel cheated? Here's what you need to know about the side quest.

If you are an absolute beast in combat on the battlefield, you should participate in the different tournaments held in Towns across Calradia. On top of being able to bet on yourself to win some serious Denars (around 900 per tournament win), you can also sell or equip the sweet loot you win, some of which can sell at the trading post for 10K+ Denars per piece! If you’ve been playing the game and doing quests, you might have come across the quest, Betting Fraud. Here’s our Mount and Blade Bannerlord Betting Fraud quest guide, where we’ll explain how to finish the quest and, ultimately, if it’s even worth your time. 

Completing Betting Fraud in Mount and Blade Bannerlord

To complete the Betting Fraud quest in Bannerlord:

  1. Enter the tournament and read the dialogue screen to see which round you should intentionally lose.
  2. Engage in the tournament and lose in the given round to receive 250 Denars per tournament.
  3. Complete 5 tournaments and receive the grand prize of 2,500 Denars on top of your per-tournament winnings. 
Image via Gamer Digest/Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord

There is also a chance to earn 4,500 Denars for completing the quest–at a loss of reputation from the quest giver. Before the 5th and final tournament, a person may come up to you and tell you not to throw the final tournament. If you win the tournament, you win 4,500 Denars, but doing so will give you -10 relation with the quest giver and cause you to fail the quest. This opportunity will only happen sometimes.  

Mount and Blade Bannerlord Betting Fraud Profitability

One question many players probably have is whether Betting Fraud is actually worth doing financially. We’ve done the math, and we have your answer. 

Here’s how much Betting Fraud in total can net you:

For 5 tournaments, you’ll gain a total of 1,250 Denars for the 250 that you receive each tournament. Add the 2,500 or 4,500 Denars you can earn for the final tournament, which equals 3,750 or 5,750 Denars, respectively. 

This is pretty good, especially considering the Thug that pays you at each Town may also give you the opportunity to win the entire tournament one or two times throughout the quest. 

During these times, you should bet on yourself, and if you win, you can add these Denars to your overall tournament winnings for an additional 1K per tournament win. On top of this, you’ll also gain the weapon given to the tournament winner, which you can turn around and sell at the trading post. 

Investing in the perk Deep Pockets under Roguery enables you to double the amount you bet on yourself at tournaments, making each tournament win net around 1,300-1,500 Denars.

In totality, if all of these things go exactly as planned, you can earn anywhere from 5,750 – 7,750 Denars for the entire quest. 

What If I Just Won All The Tournaments?

Winning tournaments will eventually result in diminishing returns as your odds to win increase, and you move up on the Leaderboard. 

If we assume a constant average of 900 Denars per tournament win from betting–and you win 5 tournaments in a row, that would be a total of 4,500 Denars, which is lower than what you’d get completing the Betting Fraud quest. 

However, the big variable here is the items that you win in the tournaments. If your party is already kitted out with good gear, and you usually sell your tournament winnings at the trading post, and this could result in anywhere from 1,500 – 10,000+ Denars extra for each win. 

Image via Gamer Digest/Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord

That means across 5 tournaments, you could win a total of anywhere from 7,500 – 50,000 additional Denars from selling tournament equipment–which won’t be possible during Betting Fraud since you’ll be forced to lose the majority of the time. 

Mount and Blade Bannerlord: Betting Fraud Final Verdict

If you don’t feel like reading everything and hate math, here’s a simple explanation on the Mount and Blade Bannerlord quest, Betting Fraud.

Do the side quest Betting Fraud if: 

  • You regularly lose tournaments anyway. 
  • You want to increase your relationship with the notable in that Town. 
  • You want to experience the quest. 

Do not do the side quest Betting Fraud if: 

  • Your competent in tournaments and usually win anyways. 
  • Most of your money is earned through the betting mechanic and selling your tournament winnings. 
  • You have the Deep Pockets skill under Roguery. 
  • You need good equipment for your party. 

Sure, 7,500 Denars on the high end is nothing to scoff at, but the potential Denars you can earn from just winning and betting on yourself at tournaments will net your more money if you usually win. 

If you don’t, however, this can serve as a really good quest to give you an excuse to get stomped by NPCs, and a great way to earn some extra cash for your party. 

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