How to Start No Man’s Sky Expedition 8 Polestar

Itching to get into the new Expedition 8 Polestar mission in No Man's Sky? Here's what you need to know about the new quest.

Following the Endurance expansion for No Man’s Sky is the newest Community Expedition, Expedition 8 Polestar. This Expedition will take aspects from the Endurance update, specifically freighters, and will likely follow the same flow as prior Expeditions, taking players through different tasks and 5 different milestones. Here’s what we know about how to start the No Mans Sky Expedition 8 Polestar mission. 

How to Start No Man’s Sky Expedition 8 Polestar

Here’s how to start No Man’s Sky Expedition 8 Polestar: 

  1. Open No Man’s Sky. 
  2. Start a new Solo or Multiplayer Game. 
  3. Select Community Expedition. 

To start the No Man’s Sky Expedition 8 Polestar, log into No Man’s Sky, start a new game, and hold left click on Community Expedition. 

No Man's Sky Expedition 8 Polestar
Screenshot via Gamer Digest/No Man’s Sky

If you’ve logged into No Man’s Sky and tried selecting the Expedition 8 Polestar mission, you might ask, “What’s the deal?” Well, the option can’t be selected because it is currently not available. Once Hello Games updates the game, you will be able to select it with the method above. 

When Does No Man’s Sky Expedition 8 Polestar Release? 

Hello Games development team has not announced the official release date for the new Expedition, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear when that will be. Chances are, they’ll want to roll out the new Endurance update to all platforms before releasing the new Expedition, so people on the console versions will be able to enjoy it as well. 

We’ve heard rumors that the reward for No Man’s Sky Expedition 8 Polestar will be a Helios Egg, but nothing has been confirmed thus far. 

No Man’s Sky is an exhilarating space exploration and survival game where you explore the universe in a ship you build. 

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