PAYDAY 2 Releases Final Mission, Crude Awakening

The new mission tasks players with taking on a crude oil tanker with a ton of security forces.

In anticipation of the highly-anticipated PAYDAY 3, the developers of the game, Starbreeze Studios & Overkill Software, are dropping what will be the final mission for PAYDAY 2, titled Crude Awakening. In regular PAYDAY fashion, the name of the mission is a cheeky reference to the mission itself, as it tasks players with ascending a crude oil freighter in the middle of the ocean and taking out the heavily-armed security forces manning the deck and cabin. 

While the update was supposed to go out yesterday, it’s officially live today, June 28, 2023. In celebration of the final mission, the developers also dropped a trailer for Crude Awakening. 

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The Crude Awakening mission is all leading up to the PAYDAY 3 release date, which was recently announced to be September 21, 2023. While it is a sad day for PAYDAY 2 fans, as no new content will likely be released for the game, it’s all leading up to the enhanced (hopefully better) PAYDAY 3 release. 

It’ll be no time until you can hop into the chaotic new game, and I couldn’t be more excited. We’ll be doing game guides and news updates in our PAYDAY 3 section, so be sure to tune in this summer. 

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