Pharaoh A New Era: How Entertainment Works

You will be entertained!

In Pharaoh: A New Era, Entertainment rating is an important aspect that will keep your settlement happy and goes towards your Culture rating. It also contributes to upgrading Housing by improving the conditions of the city. 

If you’re struggling to add more Entertainment to your city and keep getting the “This house can not evolve, as there is hardly any entertainment to be found in this location,” message, we’ve got a guide specifically to help you. Here’s a guide to how Entertainment works in Pharaoh: A New Era. 

How Entertainment Works in Pharaoh A New Era

Entertainment structures can be accessed by selecting the Entertainment icon on the right side of the screen and can be broken up into two categories, Stages and Training Centers. Stages include buildings like the Pavillion, Bandstand, and Booth, while Training Centers include the Dance School, Conservatory, and Juggler School. The Senet House and Zoo are higher-level entertainment structures that act as both a Training Center and Stage but require raw materials to operate.

Entertainment Buildings in Pharaoh A New Era

Players need to construct Training Centers to train their performers and Stages to increase the Entertainment rating of their settlement. If buildings aren’t upgrading from a lack of Entertainment, there aren’t enough Stages.

Players can provide adequate Entertainment throughout the town by placing stages in highly-populated locations throughout the city. Stages must be connected via a road to Training Centers, and each Training Center trains a different kind of performer — Jugglers, Musicians, and Dancers. As your schools teach the performers, they will automatically take their place on stages found throughout the city. 

The further you place your stage from the Training Center, the longer it will take your Entertainer to get there, which reduces the amount of shows they can do. However — that being said, they also bring along Entertainment benefits for the route they are walking on.

Entertainment Coverage

If you want your people to be satisfied throughout the city, you must ensure that you have adequate Entertainment coverage. Players can check their coverage status by clicking the Overseers tab, then selecting the Overseer of Diversions. Here you can see how many stages and guests you have. The “City Coverage” stat indicates the level of your coverage. 

Overseer of Diversions Pharaoh A New Era

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Players can also use the Entertainment Overlay option on the left side of the screen for a visual representation of their Entertainment Coverage. Dark purple Housing indicates high Entertainment, while lighter purple Housing and no color indicates that you need a stage closer to those blocks of buildings. Use the Overlay to perfect the Entertainment value in your city. 

Entertainment Overlay Pharaoh A New Era

I suggest building one of each Training Center per “district,” as that’s usually adequate to train all of your different performers. What’s more important is constructing your settlement in a way where there is decent coverage of Entertainment Stages throughout your town. Each Stage hosts a different kind of entertainer, and the more entertainers each Stage can hold costs a greater amount of debens. 

Luckily, Entertainment is one of the easier things to lock down in the game. With adequate entertainment coverage, you can maintain a good Culture rating, and your Housing should upgrade to higher levels capable of holding additional villagers. 

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