Pharaoh A New Era: How to Build a Pyramid

Building a Pyramid in Pharaoh: A New Era is a pretty tough undertaking but doable if you know what you’re doing. This guide will walk you through it.

One of the first real challenges you’ll face in Pharaoh: A New Era is building a pyramid for “The First Pyramid” mission from 2650 BC. Players should establish a decent economy, housing, and services before construction.

How to Build a Pyramid in Pharaoh: A New Era

Pyramids are one of the most iconic monuments players can construct. To build a Pyramid, players must gather Plain Stone, maintain a supply of Wood, and create a Stonemasons’ Guild, Carpenters’ Guild, and Work Camps to supply the manual labor required to construct the Pyramid. Finally, click Monuments on the right side of the screen, select Pyramid from the options, and place the structure in a wide open space. 

Gathering Plain Stone & Wood

Players can either mine for Plain Stone or set up a trade route for the stone. To mine the stone, find stone nodes on the map, then construct a Plain Stone Quarry. Connect a road to the quarry, and remember to build a Storage Yard close, so your workers have somewhere close to offload their goods. 

Stone Quarry Pharaoh A New Era

Players will also need a supply of Wood, which is required to continue operating your Carpenter’s Guild. Wood may not always be available to you, so if this is the case, go to the World Map and set up a trade route to import Wood. Remember that you need to select your Commerce Overseer to set Wood to Import. We suggest setting it to Maintain a level of at least 1000 Wood for the Pyramid. 

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Building the Pyramid Quickly

While there are many ways to build the Pyramid, we suggest building multiple Work Camps, Stonemasons’ Guilds, and Carpenters’ Guilds to make the building process go faster. We left enough room around the base of the Pyramid to outline the entire Pyramid with Work Camps. Our build only took a few years and included the following buildings:

  • Carpenters’ Guild x3
  • Stonemasons’ Guild x3
  • Work Camps x15
Carpenters Guild, Stonemasons Guild, Work Camps, Pharaoh a New Era

Ultimately, building a Pyramid is going to take a pretty serious economy so that you can maintain your settlement objectives while you construct the giant Monument. It’s not as easy as collecting just these supplies and building them; you’ll also need a production economy and your regular Service buildings to build a thriving populace. 

Maps that have a supply of Gold will be easier to maintain because you won’t have to worry as much about your exported goods. That being said, remember that you’ll likely still need to fulfill Pharaoh’s requests, or your Kingdom Rating may fall too low.

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