Pharaoh A New Era: How to Build a Stepped Pyramid Complex

Well, that's one giant pyramid.

In Pharaoh: A New Era, Monuments are a sign of your power and strength, and none is more iconic than the Pyramid. If you’re having trouble constructing the impressive Stepped Pyramid Complex in Meidum, we created this quick guide to help. 

If you play Pharaoh: A New Era for any period, you’ll be tasked with building giant Monuments for your cities. Once you get to the city of Meidum for the “A Royal Necropolis” mission, you’re tasked with building 2 monuments; a giant Stepped Pyramid Complex and a Small Stepped Pyramid. If you’re struggling with how to place and build a Stepped Pyramid Complex, keep reading for a quick guide. 

How to Build a Stepped Pyramid Complex in Pharaoh A New Era

To accommodate the massive Stepped Pyramid Complex, players will need to locate a grassy area adjacent to the river. Unlike other pyramids that can be placed in several locations, the Stepped Pyramid Complex must be placed next to the water, in the grass. Once you find an adequate location, select Monuments and click Giant Stepped Pyramid Complex. 

Stepped Pyramid Complex Placement Pharaoh A New Era

Speeding Up Pyramid Construction

Building the most efficient workforce for your Pyramid will require a significant amount of manual labor, as well as Plain Stone and Wood. To construct a Pyramid, players should build the following: 

  • Work Camp
  • Carpenters’ Guild
  • Stonemasons’ Guild

If you don’t have wood, remember that you can Trade for it.

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The more Stonemasons and Workers from Work Camps that players have, the quicker the process will go. Most importantly, players should ensure that they have a steady supply of Plain Stone. 

To make an efficient production line for your Pyramid, 

  • Build several Plain Stone Quarries. 
  • Set one or more Storage Yards next to the Quarries to Accept Plain Stone Only. 
  • Set one or more Storage Yards next to your Pyramid construction to Get All Plain Stone.
Plain Stone Quarry Production Line Pharaoh A New Era

If you set up production like this, your workers will transport the required stone as quickly as possible to a Storage Yard next to your Pyramid, reducing the amount of time it takes your workers to transport the materials to the work area. 

Remember that your Carpenters’ Guild is in charge of building the wooden scaffolding and that you need some Wood to maintain construction on the Monument. 

Ultimately, it will take several in-game years for the construction to be complete on your Stepped Pyramid Complex. If you want to speed up construction times, consider building the Pyramid as early as possible while also building up your economy and food supply. 

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