Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Sprigatito Nature

Meow--here's the best nature you can choose for Spigatito.

When starting out on a brand new Pokemon adventure, one of the hardest choices is picking which starter to use. This is no different in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, where the player must spend time with each one of them and get to know them and their individual personalities and quirks.

In addition to each Pokemon having its own personality, each one has a nature. These natures affect how some of their stats are allocated, and choosing the right one can be very beneficial. But which nature is the best one to use for Sprigatito, Floragato, and Meowscarada in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Read on to find out.

What is the Best Nature to Choose for Sprigatito in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

To complement its high attack stat, those who seek to engage in non-PvP play may wish to use the Adamant nature for Sprigatito and its evolutions. This will increase the Attack stat while decreasing the rarely used Special Attack stat, making it perfect for PvE and casual play.

PvP-focused players should aim for the Jolly nature, as this will increase the Speed stat while decreasing the Special Attack stat, which will have a minimal effect in battle. For those who want to take the fight into PvP, the speed stat is key, as the fastest Pokemon goes first, and that first strike is often the most critical.

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While it is certainly possible to make it through the entirety of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet without even giving a second thought to a Pokemon’s stats, some players will want to min/max their builds to participate in competitive play. As a Pokemon with a high Attack stat and super fast speed, a fully evolved Meoscarada can be a powerful and quick force on the battlefield.

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