Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Fix Low FPS and Lag

If you're lagging in Pokemon Scarlet or Violet, don't worry--we have your solution.

If you were as excited as we were to jump into Paldea and catch all the new Pokemon that the Scarlet and Violet versions offer, you might have been upset by the game lag. You’re not alone, as many people across the internet have already logged into forums and are complaining about the framerate drops.

Luckily, users have found a fairly simple solution that may resolve your problems until a fix is found. While not perfect, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are still fun games. However, if you don’t fix the low FPS and lag, it will make your experience a little less enjoyable. Here’s what you can do to prevent Scarlet and Violet framerate drops.

Fixing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet FPS Lag

To fix Pokemon Scarlet and Violet from lagging, save your game, close it, then restart it. Lag typically occurs when players are near towns or cities, so doing this more often in these locations may make your gameplay experience smoother. 

The fix came via Twitter user Centro Pokemon–an account that regularly covers Pokemon news. 

According to Centro Pokemon, the lag is a result of a potential memory leak. While Nintendo has yet to confirm this to be true–it’s possible a fix will be shortly via a game patch. 

At least this isn’t the 90s or early 2000s when online connections weren’t yet a thing for handhelds, or else this problem could have been a lot worse for players. 

Luckily, this temporary fix for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet FPS lag should get you up and running for the time being. 

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