Project Zomboid: How to Barricade Windows and Doors

In Project Zomboid, creating a base that you can call home is of utmost importance. Building an effective base includes barricading your windows and doors so that zombies don’t get in. 

Okay–so you’ve survived long enough to establish a structure as your base, but zombies keep coming through the open windows. Fear not; our guide will show you exactly how to barricade windows and doors in Project Zomboid. 

If you are just getting started, the Farming Barricade Materials section is a quick and easy guide to farming the materials and creating your first barricades. 

Project Zomboid: How to Barricade Windows and Doors

To barricade windows and doors in Project Zomboid, you must collect Planks, Nails (x2) or Metal Sheets/Bars and a Hammer or Propane Torch & Welder Mask. Walk up to the window or door, right-click it, then select Barricade(Planks) or Barricade(Sheets), depending on your materials. 

How to Barricade Windows in Project Zomboid

Finding all of these items in the game world is tough, so keep reading to learn how to farm for the materials to speed up the process. 

Farming Barricade Materials

If you are having trouble finding wooden planks, you can craft them by disassembling furniture that you find in buildings. To do this, players must obtain a Hammer or Saw, then right-click on the piece of furniture and click Disassemble. This will provide the materials needed to create a barricade. The tool needed will be displayed in the furniture’s tooltip.

Disassembling Furniture in Project Zomboid

Hammers and Saws can commonly be found in garages, so look around in a couple of garages, and you’re sure to find what you need. Disassembling will give you a chance for Wood Planks, which you can use for Wooden Barricades.

Project Zomboid Barricade Recipes

Here are the barricades you can build in Project Zomboid and how much each type of barricade costs:

Barricade NameEquipment RequiredMaterials RequiredHP
Wooden BarricadeHammerNails x2, Plank x11000 per plank
Metal BarricadePropane Torch, Welder MaskMetal Sheet x15000
Metal Bar BarricadePropane Torch, Welder MaskMetal Bar x35000

You can find these materials in the game world. Hopefully, now your home base should be a bit more secure.

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