Project Zomboid: How to Fish

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Fishing in Project Zomboid can provide a steady supply of food, which is especially important once your electricity goes out. If you’re not sure how to fish, our guide has got you covered.

Just because it’s the apocalypse doesn’t mean you can’t relax, sit back with a nice brew, and catch a few fish in our favorite zombie survival game, Project Zomboid. If you’re looking to become a real professional angler in the game, our fishing guide has got you covered.

How to Fish in Project Zomboid

Before you can start catching the fish that will satiate you through the apocalypse, you’ll need to locate a body of water like a river or pond in West Point, Riverside, or Muldraugh. Then, you need to level your Fishing skill to at least 1, obtain a Fishing Rod, and fish at your selected body of water by right-clicking and using the Fishing menu.

Fishing Project Zomboid

Fishing Skills

At the character select screen, you can boost your character’s fishing skill automatically if you know that you want to focus on it throughout your campaign. 

The Fisherman skill provides +3 to Fishing and +1 to Foraging. 

The Angler trait provides +1 to Fishing for a -4 Cost. 

With these skills equipped, players can immediately equip superior bait and tackle to their rods. 

Suppose you don’t want to specialize specifically in Fishing. In that case, players can increase their Fishing skills by reading the Angler USA magazine, which will also teach your character how to repair their rod. 

Getting a Fishing Rod

Players can find fishing rods in garages, sheds, and hardware stores or craft them with the proper materials. 

Crafting a Fishing Rod

To craft a Fishing Rod in Project Zomboid, you’ll need the following:

  • Sturdy Stick
  • Fishing Line (2 units)
  • One of the following: Hunting Knife, Kitchen Knife, Machete, Meat Cleaver, Stone Knife

To find tackle, you’ll need to loot garages, sheds, and stores, as these cannot be crafted. You can locate bait by digging in the ground. Each time that you use bait, it will be lost. Tackle, on the other hand, sticks around unless your rod or line breaks.

Fishing in Project Zomboid

Now that you have the equipment, materials, and skills, it’s time to fish. Walk up to a body of water, equip your fishing rod, right-click the water and select Fishing, then the Fishing menu will pop up. From here, you can select your rod, tackle or bait, and the bag that you want to put the fish in. 

Fishing Menu, Project Zomboid

Fishing Abundance will tell you whether there are fish in the body of water that you’re fishing in. Fishing Abundance will be lower during the winter. 

All Fish in Project Zomboid

Currently, you’ll be able to catch the following types of fish: 

  • Bass
  • Catfish
  • Crappie
  • Perch
  • Pike
  • Sunfish
  • Trout


Fishing in Project Zomboid can create a steady stream of food, especially after your electricity goes out. While it takes a bit to get set up and started with fishing, once you have it down, it can become a reliable way to grab some grub. One fish can satiate your hunger for about a day, so you won’t need to overfish the area to keep a full stomach.

How did your fishing expedition go? Let us know in the comments below.

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