Project Zomboid: How to Hotwire a Car

Vroom vroom, it's time to get out of here.

If you’re looking to make it out of Project Zomboid alive, you’ll probably want to get a car. However, how to start the vehicle isn’t apparent, which is why we’ve outlined how to hotwire a car in our guide. 

Okay–so you’ve made it pretty far in Project Zomboid, and now you want to drive a car around. It’s a natural desire if you’ve seen those vacant vehicles on the street. Luckily, you don’t need to be a mechanic to hotwire a car, but you do need to fit certain criteria. 

Project Zomboid: How to Hotwire a Car

Before you can hotwire a car, you need at least 1 Electrical Skill and 2 Mechanical Skill, or you can choose the Burglar profession to automatically have the ability to hotwire. When you’re ready to hotwire the car, press E next to the driver-side door to enter the vehicle, hit V to bring up the Menu, then select Hotwire Engine. The bar will indicate your hotwire progress. Once you’ve successfully hotwired the engine, you’ll be able to start the car with the W key and drive it around. 

You can level up your Electrical and Mechanical Skills by reading books and magazines.

Hotwire Car Project Zomboid
Driving Menu

Keep in mind you need gas to drive the car, and the parts in the engine need to be in working condition. You can check the parts by going up to the hood of the car and hitting E to see what parts the car may need. 

Right-click on the broken engine parts to remove and replace them. If out of gas, you can fill up an empty gas canister at a gas pump, then use it to fill up your car.

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