Project Zomboid Build 42 Overhauls Crafting and Building

Project Zomboid is getting a major overhaul to crafting, production, and building in the upcoming Build 42 update. 

Recently the developers of Project Zomboid, The Indie Stone, outlined an upcoming overhaul to the game’s crafting and building mechanics. Those that have played Project Zomboid know well that this post-apocalyptic zombie survival game has a myriad of tasks that players can partake in, but much of the survival game relies on looting or scavaging for materials. 

That’s all changing with Build 42. According to the devs,

“As we stated a while back, our aim with the crafting overhaul is to provide a framework for us to expand the crafting possibilities within the game massively, to allow for a long post-apocalyptic settlement to create everything they need without relying on looting, to elevate the need for players to ever need to reset their worlds unless they want to, while crucially gating all these extra possibilities in a way that makes sense…”

Essentially, what this means is that the new mechanics that will enable players to produce and craft more goods from their base, eventually (hopefully) creating a more sustainable long-term settlement that isn’t as reliant on looting vacant houses or buildings. 

The developers of the game plan to add post-apocalyptic professions, which will provide players will the skills required to perform a multitude of craft and production-oriented tasks. Some of the professions will include: 

  • Electrical crafting
  • Leather crafting
  • Glue/soap crafting
  • Spinning wool/cloth 
  • Dyeing clothing
  • Crafting bows and ropes 
  • Blowing glass
  • Stone Masonry 

Adding so much content will fundamentally change the game, how people play it, and the longevity and possibilities that can occur through each playthrough. 

This is something that The Indie Stone is well aware of, as they further stated, 

“We’re currently planning on how recipes and crafting possibilities will be presented to the player, how to lock them intelligently behind professions and traits, and more crucially, nest them away sensibly within a better interface while providing enough opportunities to learn them to the player so they don’t end up doing generator manual style hunts around the map for many hours.”

While an official date for the launch of Build 42 has not yet been announced, the developers hope to launch a playable, even if unfinished, build of the overhaul sometime soon. 

Read the full developer update on the Project Zomboid Steam Page.

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