Project Zomboid: How to Level Up Mechanics

If you’re looking to hotwire a car in Project Zomboid, you need to achieve level 2 Mechanics. If you didn’t preselect your character for the skill, there are still ways you can get there. 

If you’re dying to get a whip in Project Zomboid but haven’t specced into Mechanics, then don’t worry–you can still do it pretty easily. In the guide below, we’ll outline two easy ways to reach Mechanics level 2. 

How to Grind to Level 2 Mechanics in Project Zomboid

Players can use three methods to get to level 2 mechanics. First, you’ll want to reach level 1 Mechanics by reading the Mechanics Vol. 1 book, which is fairly easy to find on bookshelves or in bookstores. Then, you can either watch a Carzone VHS tape, read Level 2 Mechanics, or grind up your Mechanics skill by uninstalling a rear brake on a sports car. 

Reading the Mechanics Skill books is perhaps the most obvious way to level up your Mechanics skill in Project Zomboid, but it depends on whether you can locate the books. The Mechanics Skill books go up to Volume 6.

Carzone VHS tapes can be found at video stores or randomly in homes. Watching this tape will give you a +6 on your mechanics skill. 

Uninstalling a Rear Break on a Sports Car

When you are at level 1 Mechanics, you can spam uninstall a brake on a Sports Car and fail–but it will continue to level up your skill. Continuing to spam the action will result in queuing up the attempts, so your character will do the action and quickly level up the skill. 

To do this, you’ll need the following items: 

  • Jack
  • Laines – Performance Model Manual
  • Lug wrench
  • Wrench

Next, you’ll want to locate a sports car and walk up to one of the wheels. Right-click on the wheel and select Vehicle Mechanics. This will open up the vehicle mechanics screen. From here, you can right-click on the desired break and hit Uninstall. Continue right-clicking and uninstalling, and your character will repeat the action, all while leveling up your Mechanics skill. 

Uninstalling Brake in Project Zomboid
Uninstalling Brake

Thanks to the YouTuber @Retanaru for figuring out the solution. 

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