Project Zomboid: Healing Guide

Ouch, that's gotta' hurt.

If you hope to survive in the zombie survival game, Project Zomboid, you’ll need to heal your wounds.

One of the first things you need to learn how to do when you log into your first world in Project Zomboid is to heal your wounds. Everything from a scratch from a zombie to a shard of glass in your hand will have a wound effect on your character. Follow our guide to learn everything you need to know about healing in Project Zomboid.

How to Heal in Project Zomboid

To heal in Project Zomboid, you need to apply a bandage to your character’s wounded body part. Start by clicking the heart icon on the left side of the screen, then select the Health tab. Here, you’ll see a list of all the wounds you’ve sustained. To apply a bandage to your wounds, right-click the damaged area and select Bandage> to heal that body part. Over time, your health meter will rise as you recover from the bandages. 

Applying bandage in project zomboid
Applying a Bandage

Sterilizing and Replacing Bandages

If you don’t heal lacerations or cuts with bandages, you will slowly bleed out and lose health. Players can create more powerful bandages called Sterilized Rags or Sterilized Bandages by placing Rags or Bandages into a pot or kettle filled with boiling water on the stove. Sterilized meds will last longer and take longer to become dirty. 

Sterilizing Bandages in Project Zomboid
Sterilizing Bandages

To replace bandages once they become dirty, right-click the dirty Bandage and select Remove, then quickly replace it to stop bleeding. If you do not replace dirty Bandages or Rags, they can eventually become infected. 

Each time you are bitten or scratched by a zombie, you have a chance to contract the Knox Infection, or the zombie infection in the game–which you will not be able to recover from. 

Healing More Serious Injuries

Scratches, bites, and lacerations are not the only injuries players can sustain in Project Zomboid. Players can also fracture bones, get shot, or burned. These injuries can be healed with different medications players can craft under the Healing tab in Crafting. See below for the different meds that you can use to heal more serious injuries.

Types of Meds in Project Zomboid

Here are all the different kinds of medications you can find in Project Zomboid:

Adhesive BandagesStops bleed and heals
Alcohol WipesSterilize wounds
AntibioticsFights infections
AntidepressantsIncreases happiness
BandageStops bleed and heals
Bath TowelDries character
Beta BlockersDecreases panic
Black SagePain relief
Bottle of DisinfectantFights infections
BourbonFights infections
CigarettesReduces stress
ComfreyHeals broken bones
Comfrey PoulticeHeals broken bones
Common MallowRelieve cold and flu symptoms
Cotton BallsCan be doused in Alcohol to sterilize wounds
Cotton Balls Doused in AlcoholSterilize wounds.
Denim StripsStops bleed and heals
Dirty BandageStops bleed
Dirty Denim StripsStops bleed and heals
Dirty Leather StripsStops bleed and heals
Dirty RagStops bleed
Dish TowelUsed to dry character
GinsengRestore endurance
Leather StripsStops bleed and heals
LemongrassHeals food poisoning
PainkillersReduces pain
PlantainAids in wound recovery
Plantain PoulticeAids in wound recovery
Ripped SheetsStops bleed and heals
Sleeping TabletsHelps character go to sleep
SplintHeals broken bones
Sterilized BandageStops bleed and heals, decreases chance of infection
Sterilized RagStops bleed and heals, decreases chance of infection
Suture NeedleStitch deep wounds
Suture Needle HolderImproves success of suture needle
TissueRelieves cold symptoms
TweezersUsed to extract broken glass and bullets
VitaminsReduces fatigue
Wild GarlicFights infections
Wild Garlic PoulticeFights infections

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