Scars Above: In Search of SCARs Quest Guide

If you’ have’re having trouble with the “Explore further to find a way past the worms” mission objective in the Scars Above mission, In search of SCARs, we’ll walk you through it step by step. 

In Chapter 1 of the Scars Above, players must traverse worm-infested waters for the In search of SCARs quest. Walking into the wormy waters will kill you, but luckily there’s an item called the Cryo Launcher in the game that lets you get past this mission. 

How to Complete In Search of SCARs in Scars Above

To complete the quest and make your way past the worms, players must obtain the Cryo Launcher. To craft the launcher, you must Extrapolate Conclusion from the giant creature called a Deutocerebrum, which is producing the ice in the area. From here, you can use the launcher to place ice on the ground to traverse the swamp without being harmed by the worms.

Locating the Deutocerebrum

Before doing anything, make sure to unlock the Shortcut by targeting the Energy Points on the outside of the gate. 

Scars Above Shortcut Gate

Next, you’ll want to head directly opposite the gate and make your way under a bent tree. 

Scars Above In Search of SCARs Tree

Immediately upon entering this area, you’ll encounter giant lumbering beasts called Exo-Alluvial that can do massive damage to Kate. To take them out, equip your Thermic Charger and target the weak spot in the center of its chest. Using the charger will cause burning damage over time and should dispense the monster pretty easily. 

Scars Above Exo-Alluvial

Continue making your way down this path and take out any of the spiders that burst from the ground. Eventually, you’ll come across a Deutocerebrum. It will look like a giant sac with legs on it. 

Scars Above Deutocerebrum

Crafting the Cryo Launcher

Interact with the bug to Extrapolate Conclusion. You’ll need to examine its brain, cranial gland, neural pathways, and digestive system, which can be found in the tail. Once you’ve examined all of its organs, Kate will take a sample of the liquid called Cryo Enzyme dripping from the bug. Once collected, open the crafting menu and craft the Cryo Launcher. 

Scars Above Crafting Cryo Launcher

You can now equip the launcher and shoot it toward the ground to safely pass the worms and complete the mission. 

Scars Above Cryo Launcher

At first, this mission stumped me because I kept trying to follow the mission marker. Luckily, after I figured it all out, it became very apparent to me what I was doing wrong. Did this quest give you trouble? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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